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Small : Far Away

It’s never too late to learn Micra – in all its forms.

For a car that isn’t really in the business of setting people’s hearts aflutter, the Nissan Micra does garner a decent wordcount upon our pages. 428 palabras más


Weekend Reissue : E is for Expressive

Ten years since ‘the car that killed sobriety’ was announced. Time for a backward glance.

The 2009 (W212) Mercedes-Benz E-Class is unlikely to go down in history as an indestructible exemplar of marque values like its W123 forebear, or indeed as a design landmark, like its W124 descendant. 468 palabras más


Callum's Cats

In a series of articles, we examine former Jaguar Design Director, Ian Callum’s stylistic legacy, though some of the more notable designs he oversaw.

The immediate period following Ford’s takeover of the Jaguar marque was a pretty febrile time – for a whole host of reasons, but primarily for the schisms which took place as Blue Oval management took stock of what it had purchased. 692 palabras más


Centrifugal Force

Here we go again around the carousel

There does appear to be a dispiriting circularity to the fortunes of FCA’s Italian brands of late. So much so in fact, that it’s often difficult to 723 palabras más


Le roi est mort, vive le roi!

The proud, if patchy tradition of the French grand tourisme didn’t quite end with the Citroën SM. 

The French relationship to automotive luxury is similar to how Germans deal with fine food. 716 palabras más


Flirting With Distinction

We look back at the car that started the whole Distinctive Series debacle – was it really ten years ago?

This is twice as much as what we aimed for, the DS line is a huge success… 564 palabras más


They Roam At Night

Be indoors by nightfall… 

In 1997, then Tory Party MP, Ann Widdecombe was asked whether she would endorse former Home Secretary, Michael Howard’s bid to become the leader of the UK Conservatives. 625 palabras más