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J is for Judeo-Spanish (AKA Ladino)

Language has always been fascinating for me. My heritage is a mixture of Spanish and islander from Puerto Rico, along with Jewish folk from Belarus and Poland (DNA swabs will confirm my mother’s side of this coin in about a week – I can’t wait for the results!)…so for “J” I’ve chosen a language that some of my ancestors, and certainly the little monkeys might have spoken, Judeo-Spanish or Ladino. 240 palabras más

My Life

Your Cooking could Send You to the Stake

In 1492, when King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella I of Castile gave Jews who had not yet converted the choice to either convert to Catholicism or leave Spain, in some towns the entire community left, in others the entire community converted. 239 palabras más

The Jewish Communities of the Iberian Peninsula

By Rabbi Juan Bejarano-Gutierrez

The Edict of Expulsion issued by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella on March 31st, 1492 gave Jews the choice between coerced conversion and exile from the Spanish Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon. 3.416 palabras más

The Validity of Divorce Documents Authored by a Converso

In his She’elot u-Teshuvot Tashbez 3:43, Rabbi Simeon Ben Zemah Duran was presented a question regarding the legitimacy of a get written in Majorca by someone who was a Converso who purportedly violated Shabbat publicly. 624 palabras más