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Ezer Kahanoff wrote an interesting article on the relationship of the Sabbatean movement and former Conversos throughout Europe. Kahanoff discusses in part the two dominant trends in Europe at the time in the Jewish community. 80 palabras más

Crypto-Jewish History


Some things cease existing when named. Think of silence. Think of an anonymous writer. Think of those who photograph landscapes on their smartphones. Think of the desire to understand infinite complexity. 108 palabras más

Crypto-Judaism: A Review of a Jewish Renaissance in Fifteenth Century Spain

Mark Meyerson, a well known Jewish historian, discusses the fascinating story of the town of Morvedre. This town near Valencia was largely unaffected by the riots of 1391. 109 palabras más

Crypto-Jewish History

Randy Engel

Deanna’s guest today was Randy Engel. Randy is an author, writer and the founder of the U.S. Coalition for Life, (1972) an international pro-life research and investigative agency. 42 palabras más


An Introduction to Crypto-Judaism

The phenomena of Crypto Judaism and Crypto-Jews has spurred a tremendous of interest in recent decades. Prominent scholars such as Benzion Netanyahu, the father of Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel is one such examples. 67 palabras más

Crypto-Jewish History

The History Girls: Sir Francis Walsingham and the Marranos - by Ann Swinfen

The first well organised secret service in England was the lifelong achievement of Sir Francis Walsingham. During the early part of his career, he worked for William Cecil – Lord Burghley – Queen Elizabeth’s chief advisor, undertaking a number of roles in the service of the state, including the post of ambassador to Paris at the time of the notorious St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. 219 palabras más

United Kingdom

Los conceptos falsos del Cristianismo - Amor, Fe, Igualdad y Libertad

En Latinoamérica, donde vive la manada principal de la Cristiandad, la Obediencia Espiritual es más importante que el bienestar económico y los Crypto-Judios, Conversos y Marranos utilizan el Cristianismo para entumecer a la población y esclavizar al continente entero. 6.816 palabras más

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