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Online mobile sales will fall, fashion mart to rise

Mobile phone has been the fastest growing category between 2015 and 2018.

Chennai: Having reached a saturation point, growth in mobiles sales on the online platform is expected to slow down in the coming years. 423 palabras más

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The Mart

Now here is a shot of the Merchandise Mart you normally would not see. Taken through a window of a parking garage across the street, this perspective shows the back of this colossal building, which is often overlooked, yet equally majestic as the front. 11 palabras más

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Reasons why your e-commerce business is not performing well and how to improve it!

The advancement in the Internet and computer technology has paved the way for increasing number of businesses to get online that has intensified competition in the market. 682 palabras más

Mindful March - Farkındalık Ayı Mart

  • Mindful March 2019
  • Farkındalık Ayı Mart 2019

“Gelecekle ilgilenmenin en iyi yolu,
şu an ile ilgilenmektir.”

Mart ayının takvimini özetleyen söz en tepede yer alıyor. Bulunduğumuz anın, kendimizin, yaptıklarımızın, sevdiklerimizin, duygularımızın, olup bitenin farkında olmak. 278 palabras más


Adventure to Kawah Wurung, Banyuwangi, East of Java (part 1)

Adventure to Kawah Wurung, Banyuwangi – East Java

Good day to all of da Trooper Bali friends…!!

Hope everythings are okay with all of you guys as I am. 539 palabras más


Photo gallery: Mart @ Ment

We’ve played a show on the 1st of February at Ment showcase festival in Ljubljana. Thanks to everyone who came and support ous. We know that is hard to choose between 70 awesome bands, that’s why we, even more, appreciate that you were there with us! 59 palabras más