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Windows into Other Worlds

To give a book is to give a window into another world. Do you only give – or recommend – books you know? In my case, I give ones I’ve enjoyed. 313 palabras más

A.M. Potter

book report: Martin Amis, The Information

A book I found in a charity shop in Munich. I’d only previously read one of Amis’ novels,  Money (enjoyable), his memoir Experience (very good) and his essays (superb). 960 palabras más

Robot In Lust: Saturn 3 (1980, directed by Stanley Donen)

The time is the future and Earth is so polluted and overcrowded that the survival of humanity is dependent on space stations that are located across the galaxy.  613 palabras más


How to love your body a bit more…

I’ve been thinking a lot about weight this week. I’m currently reading Martin Amis’ autobiography and I stopped to think when he talked about his father’s descent, or rather expansion, into corpulence in later life as a conscious decision made as an acceptance of his disconnection with his sexual life. 537 palabras más


My Favourite British Novel

My favourite British novel? That’s a tough one. Of course, I’ve made it easier on myself by saying “British,” thus bypassing the Irish and James Joyce’s Ulysses. 683 palabras más

A.M. Potter

Some unexpected praise for Martin Amis

I am no fan of Martin Amis, but kudos for the truly incredible piece of confessional writing that is his 2011 intro to Ballard’s THE DROWNED WORLD, which goes: I don’t understand sf, I don’t understand Ballard, I don’t understand this novel, I don’t understand climate science, I don’t understand DeLillo (but I do have a crush on him), I don’t understand introductions, and I’m less than 100% on the placement of commas, but I do understand I get paid the same if I pad this out with long quotes, and I do understand spoilers – and to prove it I’ll end with a really big one:


Movie Catch Up: Out of Blue

(Dir: Carol Morley, 2018)

There’s a certain televisual quality to Carol Morley’s Out of Blue, something about its slow, unvaried panning shots, its largely contained production design, that’s not only at odds with its cosmic aspirations but, ironically, also renders its world rather flat. 147 palabras más