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Martin Sheen en 'El Barco de Vela'.

By Lupita Peimbert

(Cinema) – El Barco de Vela o ‘The Vessel’ es una película melancólica que te mantiene interesado hasta el final, a pesar de que el entendido surrealismo que la enmarca, a veces es predecible.  387 palabras más

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August 24, 2016 | Martin Sheen Or Michael Douglas Changes Into My Dead Grandfather CE?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I could not tell what time of day it was because of the colors (maybe pinkish, reddish, light purple but who knows because I did not pay attention) and probably dream-like appearance or haze or cloudiness or fog or whatever of this dream world, maybe it was late afternoon or early evening, and this dream seemed to be taking place at maybe a nice resort by water. 989 palabras más


The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Film Title

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane


Nicolas Gessner


  • Jodie Foster as Rynn Jacobs
  • Martin Sheen as Frank Hallet
  • Scott Jacoby as Mario…
  • 988 palabras más
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Imagine This Much Concern About Joel Osteen

When faith is so important to social order and national identity, political woes become spiritual crises:

Many of the evangelical leaders who have endorsed Trump have done so due to fears about what the American church’s future will be in a post-Obergefell America.

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The Way, released in 2010 and starring Martin Sheen, is an inspiring, uplifting film that teaches you about the importance of living your life with the… 122 palabras más

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August 3: Happy Birthday Tony Bennett and Martha Stewart

Both of today’s birthday headliners were inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2011.  Martha Stewart built an empire around the Do It Yourself craze.   484 palabras más

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August 3 in history:

In 14-hundred and 92, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. It was on August 3rd that year, when Christopher Columbus left a Spanish port on his mission to reach Asia by crossing the Atlantic Ocean. 81 palabras más

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