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Why go on a pilgrimage?

All people are pilgrims on this earth, but some choose to go on pilgrimage. My wife Nora and I will be among millions of Christians who make a physical pilgrimage this year when we leave Edmonton Sept. 686 palabras más


The Dead Zone (1983) Review

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“You’re the devil sent from hell.”

What if you had the ability to see events in the past, as they happen, and in the future with mere human contact? 623 palabras más


Film Review: Badlands (1973, directed by Terrence Malick)

Terrence Malick is such an influential director that it is easy to forget that he has only directed nine films over the past 42 years.  (One of those ten, … 504 palabras más


'The West Wing' newbie recap: Those poor women of Qumar

Season 3 | Episode 9 | “The Women of Qumar” | Aired Nov. 28, 2001

This week’s West Wing episode asks us to consider what battles we fight. 1.120 palabras más

Why Did Martin Sheen Write a Letter to Denmark's Prime Minister?

SHAME ON DENMARK! The bloody, barbaric massacre of whales leaves the Faroe Islands waters blood red! The world is revolted!’s youngest correspondent, Lila Copeland, reports from a Los Angeles area protest as West Wing star Martin Sheen writes a letter to Denmark’s Prime Minister condemning the government’s cowardly support of this horror. 12 palabras más


'The West Wing' newbie recap: The one with the Butterball hotline

Season 3 | Episode 8 | “The Indians in the Lobby” | Aired Nov 21, 2001

It’s Thanksgiving time in the West Wing, and the president spends most of this episode boring people and weaving a complicated web of lies. 1.037 palabras más

“(1983) A Hora da Zona Morta” ou “As Visões da Raven segundo Cronemberg, King e João Kléber”.

Toda vez que se adapta uno livro o para o cinema, vem quela discussão “O livro é melhor!”, “O filme é melhor!”, “O filme não é fiel à obra!” 1.579 palabras más