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The Cassandra Crossing (1976)

This star studded flick feeds into my love of the disaster movie where we the viewers get to play spot the star while awaiting the final reel to see who is going to survive the epic tragedy ahead or who may leave this world a hero. 901 palabras más

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TV Show Review: Grace & Frankie

4+ of 5 stars to Grace and Frankie, a Netflix original TV comedy series created in 2015 and currently in season 3. What an amazing show! 1.160 palabras más

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Back to the Future…Camino style

Remember these shoes from last year? I walked a whole week on the Camino, and bombarded my feed with photos and waxed philosophic about what it all meant and laughed at myself at the preposterousness of my thinking I even had a clue. 399 palabras más


Η δυναμική επιστροφή της Reese Witherspoon στις ρομαντικές κομεντί!

Μετά τη συγκλονιστική της ερμηνεία στην τηλεοπτική μίνι σειρά Big Little Lies, η Reese Witherspoon επιστρέφει στη μεγάλη οθόνη και τις ρομαντικές κομεντί, υποδυόμενη μια 31 palabras más


The Vessel (2016)

D: Julio Quintana / 86m

Cast: Lucas Quintana, Martin Sheen, Jacqueline Duprey, Aris Mejias, Hiram Delgado, Eugenio Monclova

At a small town on the coast of Puerto Rico, tragedy hangs heavy over the residents. 1.167 palabras más


50 Years after The Incident, Director Larry Peerce’s Films Still Too Relevant

Written by Lesley Coffin

50 years ago, the birth of new Hollywood came to full bloom. After Godfather of the movement like Roger Corman and Dennis Hopper, the children of Hollywood’s golden age took their place. 3.858 palabras más


Rules Don't Apply: Review

If there’s one thing to take away from Warren Beatty’s La La Land…I mean Rules Don’t Apply…it’s that Alden Ehrenreich and Lily Collins are proper Hollywood stars with bright futures ahead of them. 308 palabras más