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Jude Law in talks to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain Marvel role

Brie Lawson is already set to play the title character in Marvel’s forthcoming Captain Marvel, but another star may also be using the moniker in the film.  290 palabras más


Captain Marvel Gets Law. Jude Law.

Here at Out of Dave’s Head Towers, we’re major fans of Jude Law and pretty much go by the rule of thumb which states that most movies can be improved with a bit of Jude. 125 palabras más

Some LAW is possibly getting added to "Captain Marvel"

Update: it is confirmed Jude Law will be playing the role of Mar-Vell

By “LAW” we’re of course talking about the ONE AND ONLY, Jude Law. 139 palabras más


Vicon and Framestore Help Raise Armies of the Dead in Marvel Studios’ ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Vicon and Framestore Help Raise Armies of the Dead in Marvel Studios’ ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Vicon Motion Capture Cameras and Software Aided in the Creation of Undead Soldiers, Crowded Cities and Even the Hulk, All in a Matter of Days… 998 palabras más


Thor Ragnarok (2017)

I enjoyed a lazy day today. I spent the majority of the hours within it surrounded by immediate family not doing much of anything, sure I spent a few bucks on crap I didn’t need but it helped ease the pain of not having an ultimate purpose in life (whatever that might mean). 1.151 palabras más

Film Review

Ragnarok: Firing Up for the MCU’s End-game

The boyfriend and I lead semi-chaotic lives in our nerdy little realm here, and sometimes it gets easy to forget about the little things. That’s why we set up a date night fund between the two of us, so we always have a way to spend some time out and about together. 867 palabras más


How do you make The Punisher work in 2017?

The Punisher is a complicated character. Not necessarily in design or conception, but in context.

It’s hard to argue that what he does is right. He’s a zealous killer, executing criminals without jury or trial. 570 palabras más