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About that Spider-Man: Homecoming poster...

So the new Spider-Man: Homecoming poster is out and the reaction is….underwhelming.

Truth be told, the era of the classic movie poster passed away a long time ago, with spectacular illustrations (like… 364 palabras más

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Marvel TV Show: Post #2: Agents of Shield Season 4 Finale

This season of agents of shield has certainly been an interesting one. It started out with the introduction of the Ghost Rider and his story arc and it continued with the introduction of LMDs and their story arc. 53 palabras más

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It's just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.

Well, I know a few people who may say otherwise. And like with everything else, it depends on the book.

But I don’t really want to talk about books. 2.783 palabras más


Two New Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailers Released - Takeaway

These two new trailers give a lot about the movie and maybe in fact too much. If you take the footage from all the trailers you get a sense of the major beats of how the movie will go excluding the non costumed parts. 335 palabras más

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Theatrical Trailer 2

Peter Parker tries to prove himself that he’s a superhero as Marvel Studios releases a new trailer (both domestic and international) for their newest MCU movie… 240 palabras más


New 'Spider-Man' Posters: The Good News and the Bad News

Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Sony/Marvel Studios co-production that aims to rehabilitate the film franchise saw the release of two new posters today — and the results are decidedly mixed.  403 palabras más


New Spiderman Homecoming Trailer Drops Online!

Marvel have treated fans today and continued the hype train for Spiderman: Homecoming which is due to be released this summer. The Marvel Studios juggernaut dropped the third trailer for their take on everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spiderman which is sure to get fans excited. 269 palabras más