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Ant-Man; a Theological and Cultural Review. 

Marvel’s latest cinematic hit, Ant-Man, is another one of its greats. For a film based on a comic about a superhero who can change size and control ants, there was mixed emotions going in. 1.268 palabras más

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Spiderman's new costume

Recently a fake Russo Brothers twitter account has been tweeting some photos that hint at what Spiderman’s new costume would be like. Then some websites started posting a concept image which is an artwork by artist  147 palabras más


Tom Holland a.k.a Spider-Man Has Finished Shooting His Scenes For Civil War

Screenwriter, Jonathan Goldstein, confirms in an interview with Vulture that Spider-Man scene in Civil War has already been shot. Find out specifically what he said after the jump. 261 palabras más

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No Diplomas in the new Spiderman Movie

Marvel’s long-awaited chance to make their own Spiderman movie is happening in 2017. It’s been well documented and we ourselves have covered it a good bit. 263 palabras más