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Saving Mr. Banks - A Man On A Mission

To say that Walt Disney never gave up on his ambitions is a bit of an understatement.  It took 20 years for Disney to convince P.L. 412 palabras más

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Saving Mr. Banks - Movie Review

I remember having watched the Mary Poppins movie when I was quite young, and although I don’t quite remember the entire movie I do remember it was quite colorful and was probably the first movie in which I saw real actors and animation combined together. 63 palabras más

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Non-Review Review: Saving Mr. Banks

“I’m tired of remembering it that way,” Walt Disney admits of his childhood at the climax of Saving Mr. Banks, in a rare moment of personal candour. 1.057 palabras más

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#DailyBookQuote 07Oct13 : P L Travers' Mary Poppins

#DailyBookQuote : 7th October 2013


–          P L Travers (August 09, 1899 – April 23, 1993)

–          P L Travers’ Mary Poppins

From the moment Mary Poppins arrives at… 192 palabras más

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The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Century:2009

 I just finished this volume, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman Century: 2009. Finally the apocalypse that’s been predicted for decades arrives and like 1969 the weirdness continues. 438 palabras más

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Packing Probs and Goodbyes

I have packed, unpacked, repacked, pre-packed, you name it. Add any pre-fix you’d like, I’ve done it. I am stressed, and rather than pull my hair out I just pull my stuff out of my bag and check it a thousand times. 251 palabras más

Mary Poppins, Dolphins and Campfires (not at the same time).

Ok, so it would appear my free time is very scarce. I will up date the details of the last two weeks over the next two days…  1.077 palabras más