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corona time

After so long a time I’m trying to get up again with a new blog post.

First of all : I hope u all r well. 149 palabras más


Super Favourite Menu


Setelah pulang hari Ahad kemarin, Mas metik daun singkong di halaman rumah, dibantu ibu. Hihi rada banyak sih. Mas pengen banget aku masak daun singkong dibumbu plus santan dan ikan pastinya. 241 palabras más


Singaporeans Should Not Just Worry About Their Jobs. Courtesy of the PAP, Their Supposedly Safe Savings Are At Risk Too

With European equity markets down over 40% and US markets down over 35% Singaporeans must be wondering what has happened to our reserves. LKY always claimed that Singapore’s success was built on depriving Singaporeans of even the most basic social safety nets enjoyed by citizens of other countries much poorer than Singapore (if measured purely by GDP per capita) through policies of severe austerity, forced saving and state ownership of 90% of the land and up to 50% of the economy. 1.503 palabras más

Lee Hsien Loong

Traditional Mas

Photographded by Rachel Lee Young, Rapso Imaging Limited

Dolly Ma

National Carnival Commission of Trinidad and Tobago
Traditional Mas, February 18th, 2020

Adam Smith Square, Port of Spain… 9 palabras más

Amanda T Mcintyre

Kinetic Mas wins Band of the Year with 'Mas Pieta' by Minshall

LoopTT reports that Kinetic Mas, whose presentation ‘Mas Pieta’ was designed by mas legend Peter Minshall, is the Overall Band of the Year.

The Overall title, which was introduced by the National Carnival Commission (NCC) in 2019 selects the top band from across all size categories – mini, small, medium and large. 180 palabras más


How to turn every employee into a brand ambassador - Desander Mas

In a well run organization, valued customers can be internal or external. We define a customer as anyone we serve. That means, depending on your responsibilities, there may be no difference between internal customers – serving your fellow employees and management – and external customers who purchase or use your goods and services. 503 palabras más

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