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Linux Mint 18.3 Beta Cinnamon & MATE Editions Available to Download

The Linux Mint development team has uploaded today the Linux Mint 18.3 Beta release to the official download mirror, with 64-bit and 32-bit live ISO images of both Cinnamon and MATE editions of the operating system, though no official announcement was published at the moment of writing.

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On the cultural significance of a plant: mate.

This video explores sustainability and the significant role a single plant can play in augmenting or defining a culture.  It’s going into rotation with my botany students.  Check it out here.


Who am I to you?

Asked once, and I was unable to answer him. As i wasn’t sure about the proper reply. May be it was too early or I have a universe going into my mind. 432 palabras más


Gnome and Unity vs Cinnamon and MATE

Gnome and Unity desktop interfaces go for a similar approach while Cinnamon and MATE do the something similar. There is a good contrast between Team 1 and Team 2. 733 palabras más


Hate - Mate - Herbert Nehrlich

There once was a little swine
he was partial to blueberry wine
and he had a fat mother
who had smothered his father
someone said you are out of line. 201 palabras más


Huawei Mate 10 Pro’s debut on AT&T seemingly confirmed by firmware


Huawei’s efforts to join the US market the past couple of years haven’t really yielded much success, but not for a lack of trying. 195 palabras más


Huawei will reportedly take a note from Google, debut ‘Made for Huawei’ accessories


Google took a huge step with the debut of the Pixel 2 in kicking off the “Made for Google” program — a new branding option that gives consumers a collection of products that they know will work with their Google products. 160 palabras más