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The Fact and Fiction of Nixes Mate

Nixes Mate is a small island in Boston Harbor, located between Long Island and Gallops Island and a little under a mile off the shore of Winthrop’s Deer Island. 406 palabras más


Galaxy S10 could trump the Mate 20 Pro - Here's why Huawei should be worried

Galaxy S10 is expected to be debut at Mobile World Congress (MWC), an annual technology show, in February.
The hardware has been heavily rumoured to come in at least three versions, a move that would represent somewhat of a break in tradition for Samsung that has typically released its S-line… 6 palabras más


Stained Pages

As the canopies flash past,

The green gleam that was yesterday,

Us yelling into the wind

But your phantom I cannot shake.

As simple as a palm on my leg… 157 palabras más

Fluttering Thoughts

Miracle of "Mate"

Bismillaah, :)


Sebelumnya belum ada yang seperti ini. Biasanya meskipun sedang dekat dengan satu orang, yang lain tetep gerombolan. Tapi yang satu ini tidak. 46 palabras más

Segenggam Imaji

Yerba Mate! Culture, Clarity, and Caffeine

This hot herbal drink has been in the homes of many South Americans and their social circles after a meal.  Mate is known to create a clear and focused mind with its smooth dose of caffeine and abundance of vitamins and antioxidants. 926 palabras más

Gormandizing At Home

I Actually Don't Mind Being Called Mate.

I think I’ve got it.
Yep, I can’t say I never achieved anything in my life.

I have the ugliest pinky. I might even give it a name like Paul. 890 palabras más