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Stephen Hawkings and Astrology!?!

Recently (or not so (?), perhaps a few months back), I came across an article which mentioned Stephen Hawking’s theory that we are all part of a simulation by some advanced civilization. 735 palabras más

There’s finally a screen protector for the Pixel 2 XL in the Google Store, but it uses a dot matrix


One of the most irritating things I’ve experienced about the Pixel 2 XL — outside of burn-in and bad viewing angles — has been the lack of decent screen protectors available. 297 palabras más


The Eternal Dance

This idea that there is some way to be – All bases have to be covered to make the full picture. If every role has to be played, it is better than they are played consciously – knowing that it is just a role. 360 palabras más


The Immutable Core

Have you yet found the immutable core? It is found in the stomach, the seed grows from here.

Atoms have one, planets, humans, trees… everything micro-cosmically and macro-cosmically repeats itself endlessly in every phenomenon, across all dimensions. 105 palabras más


Kryon: Special Message About Connecting With Creator

Kryon Gives a Special Message About Connecting With The Creator

In this channeling Kryon speaks about allowing change and opening yourself to love in a way that will relieve you of everything that brings you fear and frustration. 23 palabras más



by Chris Thomson, New Dawn Waking Times

Science today is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it points towards a greater reality. On the other hand, it unwittingly blocks our direct experience of that greater reality. 898 palabras más