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Political philosopher Robert Wolf (1999) wrote, “Authority is the right to command, and correlatively, the right to be obeyed.” Authority can also be defined as being in a position to wield power. 446 palabras más


Max Weber and Sociological Philosophy

Max Weber is considered one of the most important (if not the most) social scientists of the 20th century.  Weber is widely read in philosophy, since a lot of sociology falls under philosophical sociology.  2.521 palabras más


Off With Her Head!

The Reviled Royals of Versailles

Life is a curious construct. Regardless of the colorblind Pollyanna people like to preach, we are discerned by positionality and praxis. 1.777 palabras más


The Uses of Functionalism

This is the second comment, following Laust’s opening post, by Cornelia Navari. Cornelia is honorary senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham (U.K.) and visiting professor of international affairs at the University of Buckingham (U.K.). 1.488 palabras más

International Relations

Death of the Life Long Job


People in the job market applies for jobs in businesses, hoping to derive an income from their knowledge, skills and efforts. Business is a “team sports”. 2.405 palabras más

Peter Drucker

Nepotism and Meritocracy

The family is one of the most creative institutions of society. Despite continuous predictions of its demise, it expands into other domains and becomes protean. The family is defined as the domain of the personal, the intimate and the domestic. 1.006 palabras más

On Politicians who live for politics and those who live from politics (Max Weber's defenition), comparison between Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton.

Max Weber defined two types of politicians, those who live for politics and those who live from politics.

Living for politics: This tipe of politicians are generally the better of the two, they generally live for politics, in the sence that they love it and are comited to change the world. 302 palabras más