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A critique of Fukuyama and the Liberal Appropriation of "Hegelianism"

Beyond the explanatory posts that I am endeavoring to provide here at Hesiod’s Corner, I also engage in professional writing for both academic journals and media venues (freelance). 250 palabras más


Teori Kapitalisme Smith dan Weber

Ada dua tokoh besar konseptor teori kapitalisme: Adam Smith dan Maximilian Weber. Sebagaimana kita ketahui, definisi generik kapitalisme yaitu sistem global dalam bidang ekonomi yang berorientasi modal (kapital) dan bersifat individualistis. 668 palabras más

Adam Smith

Law and Liberty: Hobbesians vs Rechtsstaaters

Individual freedoms are tethered to law, but in what sense? We could call Hobbesian the insight into law and liberty which states that norms are addressed by the sovereign power to the individuals. 879 palabras más


Bureaucratic Paradigm - Value Notes

The basic material for Public Administration is available already in several standard books. So there is no point reproducing again here. In these value notes series, I would share the short notes prepared by me mainly from Mohit Bhattacharya and some other sources which summarize the topic and which I used for revision before mains. 514 palabras más


The gently rising street

Normally, inspiration flourishes only on a foundation of very hard work. Not always, of course. The inspiration of an amateur can be as productive scientifically as that of an expert, or even more so.

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The Work Ethic and “Postwork Imaginaries”: From Max Weber to Kathi Weeks // Part 1

This is the first of a two-part essay. Part 2 can be found here.

The Culture of Work and Its Problems

A work-based economy presents several problems to individuals and collectives, and whilst there is a strong historical precedence for challenges made against the conditions of work, rarely is the notion of work in its entirety contested. 5.147 palabras más

The Psychoanalytic Structure of Daredevil’s Catholic Guilt

By Ritchie Savage, PhD

In The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, the classical sociological theorist, Max Weber, attempts to make a distinction between his ideal types of Protestantism and Catholicism, and the capacity for the former, not only to embody the movement toward rationalization in history, but also the attention toward capital accumulation. 735 palabras más