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How to stay sane in this crazy world!

If we leave our i-phones and internet at home and head off to some remote island somewhere, without satellite tv and newspapers, after a while it will appear that all of our problems just seem to disappear. 4.059 palabras más


Pablo Yanguas on Weber on Obi-Wan & the Imperial Fleet

Now that Disney is turning Star Wars into a Marvel-like cottage industry, the time is ripe for asking the real questions about what happened a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away:  833 palabras más


El monopolio de la violencia


Cada cierto tiempo me agrada publicar una reflexión. En ocasiones lo hago en aras de la diversidad del blog y en otras por lo llamativa que me resulta. 1.459 palabras más


My Religion or Yours: Politics as Usual from the Non-Politicians

As the republican powerhouse Donald Trump continues to lose steam, the latest polls show Dr. Ben Carson starting to close the gap. A recent poll out of Quinnipiac University even shows Carson beating Clinton and Sanders in some key states. 1.132 palabras más


Max Weber was a Sociologist prominent in the late 19th and early 20th century. From class to methodology, Weber was at the forefront of everything. For this reason he is considered to be one of the fore fathers of Sociology. 934 palabras más

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The Internet and the Protestant Ethic

When I was younger I had a Sunday school teacher who insisted, long after cable internet became the standard, on keeping her AOL dial-up account. I asked her why. 972 palabras más