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The problem with Brazil (and it's not socialism)

The problem with Brazil is not Luis Inacio Lula da Silva. It’s not the Worker’s Party. It’s not Socialism.

Certainly one of the most important politicians in Brazilian History was Getulio Vargas. 369 palabras más


America's sneaky despotism

(The PanAm Post, where I found this interesting piece, describes the writer, José Azel, as a “scholar and author.” It’s about Democratic Despotism, a phrase that I like and which I think applies not only to the United States now but to most of Western Europe. 765 palabras más

President Trump

African Art: precursor of Modern Art?

I was recently asked to talk on the topic of how African Art influenced Modern Art. I began by explaining what is meant by ‘African Art’. 1.698 palabras más


Weber, Max: Verstehende Soziologie und Werturteilsfreiheit

Weber, Max: Verstehende Soziologie und Werturteilsfreiheit : Schriften und Reden ; 1908-1917 / Max Weber ; herausgegeben von Johannes Weiß in Zusammenarbeit mit Sabine Frommer. – Tübingen: J.C.B. 20 palabras más

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Raymond Aron

Born on this day. In many respects Aron was the Jordan Peterson of his day. Below is Daniel J. Mahoney’s entry in the Encyclopedia of Modern Political Thought. 588 palabras más


The Monopoly on Violence

The monopoly on violence is one of the key characteristics of modern public law, modern political philosophy, and is the famous definition of the modern state according to Max Weber in… 1.657 palabras más


Monotheistic Filter: “Re-worlding the Gods”

Max Weber, German sociologist, introduced the concept, “disenchantment of the world” to explain the malaise found in modern society. Weber explained that when the revealed religions became dominant, they sought to explain the unknown. 375 palabras más