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Are You In It for the Sociology Degree?

You’d think sociologists are best-equipped to debunk stereotypes. Surprise then, this semester, when ALL 3 of my NUS Sociology lecturers, in cordial but resigned tones, levelled essentially the same accusation at us students:  609 palabras más


The Homo Economicus is “The Body” of the Agent

The model of the decision-making agent known as homo economicus is a trivial truth, but not a misconception. All agents are supposed to maximize the utility of their resources – that is true in every geography and in every age. 508 palabras más

Political Thought

New Paper

New draft published as a Duke HOPE working paper is available here. Comments as always are warmly welcome.


We dress like students, we dress like housewives

Two years, people, two years: 2018.

Yes, the presidential term is four years, but a) all of the House and a third of the Senate is up for a vote every two years; and b) there are state elections, including governorships, which are up for grabs in two years. 656 palabras más


The Third Digital Divide A Weberian Approach to Digital Inequalities

The word clouds of “The Third Digital Divide. A Weberian approach to Digital Inequalities”. 

Digital Divide

Social Action

Social Action is defined by Max Weber, a German sociologist, as “In sociology, social action refers to an act which takes into account the actions and reactions of individuals (or ‘agents’).” According to the Social Action Theory there are four different types: 104 palabras más