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A New Lens

Tonight I’m blogging about something that I find so so so fascinating…sociology. I’m going to develop your sociological imaginations (sociological imagination-making the normal strange; questioning normal human behavior) by first discussing the inconsistency of norms via a common personal experience, and then by delving into sociology on a much larger and more important scale.  747 palabras más


Ideas that add up #183

In 1917 the sociologist and philosopher Max Weber named ‘disenchantment’ (Entzauberung) as the distinctive injury of modernity. He defined disenchantment as ‘the knowledge or belief that . 327 palabras más

Green Planet

Errors of the Envious

“I got mine / Don’t worry about his”
—James Brown, “Sex Machine” (1970)

You used to think she was just really really good at hiding it, but you’ve recently realized that she really… 112 palabras más

Academics & Academia

Why You Should Avoid "Capitalism"

“Capitalism” means the sector of an economy in which markets determine prices and quantities. In a “capitalist” system, both the market for goods and the market for inputs are based on voluntary action within the constraints of governmental interventions, namely taxes, subsidies, restrictions, and mandates. 681 palabras más


The development of Christian marriage

In my previous post I told a story about the emergence of modern marriage, and how modern marriage has little to do with marriage a millenium ago; and I suggested some reasons to think the change has been, for the most part, good. 1.064 palabras más


Advice for Tearing Down Fences

“In the matter of reforming things, as distinct from deforming them, there is one plain and simple principle; a principle which will probably be called a paradox. 953 palabras más


TEAMWORK & What Makes an Organization “Networked”? #HarvardBusinessReview

Commentary by Dr. Whitesel; “People usually misunderstand the meaning of an organizational “network.” I’ve written a chapter about this in my book ORGANIX (Abingdon Press). But General Stanley McChrystal in his new book “Team of Teams” emphasizes that in the new “networked organization” we should create small informal networks that can morph and be ended as needed. 82 palabras más