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Paradox Excerpts: Maya meets Grey

June 13, 2019

I met Grey in my art history class on a day after I’d been out for a week. It was an auditorium class filled with hundreds of students, so I hadn’t interacted with many. 268 palabras más


maya's kaleidoscope

the dream of our self-made illusion
spreads out high and wide
over the mystic cover of night-thought,
to the farthest corners of the sublimated mind. 356 palabras más



A cry, at last, from his dry throat, “Nulli di, reges, superiores!” 13 palabras más

Poet of the week 4

Maya Angelou, an artist and legend. This is her famous work “And Still I Rise”, published in 1978. For many years she has written work to empower people, especially women of color. 33 palabras más

Poet Of The Week

Thailand - Phuket

About Phuket

The Phuket province has a multitude of islands and beaches. Although the most famous and beautifulest island belongs to the Krabi province, Phi Phi Islands is a jewel located between the two provinces. 189 palabras más