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Famous But Not Rich: 10 Broke Rappers

13-bedroom homes, multiple fancy cars and chains galore; but is all that really worth going broke?

Majority of rappers are guilty of all three but can they really afford what they show off to the world, most likely not. 706 palabras más


#BEDM Challenge: Guilty Pleasures

I have an issue with the term guilty pleasure, and with guilt in general I guess. I just don’t see the point in it. I like what I like and I do what I do, and I think feeling guilty about any of it is a waste of emotions. 115 palabras más


Rick Blue: There comes a time every day when a man asks: Can I take my pants off?

Recently I was in Napoli, Italy. And one day, as we walked down its version of Ste-Catherine Street, we couldn’t help but notice that every men’s clothing store we passed featured a whole new look. 546 palabras más

West Island Gazette

The Greatest Music Video Ever. Period.

Sometimes something is so utterly terrible in theory, that there is absolutely no way it can turn out good. So, when you heard broke ass… 465 palabras más

Hip Hop

[WATCH] Common and John Legend Lip-Sync Battle

‘Glory’ artist Common and John Legend performs on Spike TV’s ‘Lip-synching’ as Lionel Richie and MC Hammer. Common was Lionel Richie signing “All Night Long” while  John Legend performed as MC Hammer with “Can’t touch this” You can check it out below. 16 palabras más

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