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"The Tool"

“You can’t start a sentence with ‘and,’” the multitalented student – who also plays baseball on a team named the Tigers in addition to possessing a very impressive knowledge of artists & lyrics sung decades before he even arrived on the scene – commented after coming across it in the pages he was reading. 359 palabras más

Amusing Anecdotes

Jason Day recently mocked Tiger Woods about his 'MC Hammer pants' via text message

Jason Day apparently thought Tiger Woods was 2 legit 2 quit wearing baggy golf pants back in the day.

Day was asked about his friendship with Woods on Tuesday and told a good story. 160 palabras más


Her Anaconda

Student 1 (singing): My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t…
Student 2: I love this song so much. When it first came out, I just watched the video over and over again. 84 palabras más

The Crumpett Files

This Cork Record Mat Probably Means There is No Line

I don’t remember when I started collecting records again.  I say “again” because I did have records at some point.  I remember proudly presenting my Michael Jackson “Thriller” vinyl at show-and-tell in Mrs. 2.134 palabras más


MC Hammer Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Hammer Worth

Stanley Kirk Burrell, better known by his stage name MC Hammer, and best known for his hit song “U Can’t Touch This,” has long been rumored to have gone broke after his rapid rise to fame in the late 80’s and early 90’s. 568 palabras más

Sunday Night Fever

Hey groovy guys and gals. It’s Sunday night and I feel like getting ma groove on. Sunday’s a day for chilling out and gettin’ the good vibes goin’, and after doing some… 185 palabras más


MC Hammer: Go for Broke

In this episode we discuss the rise and fall of a true showman: MC Hammer. Listen in as we tell the story of a preacher turned rapper, turned almost gansta rapper, turned preacher/rapper. 34 palabras más