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MC Hammer: Commanding Interview With Famed Performer

Read Carol’s BuzzFeed interview with the wonderful MC Hammer

Having a chance to speak with the wonderful musician about music, life and his dream décor reveals a man who has a quest to live life to its fullest. 15 palabras más


Rick James: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

“I’m Rick James Bitch.”

That line brought Rick James into the forefront of the early 2000’s with the Chappelle’s Show sketch as one of the funniest moments of the entire series. 660 palabras más


Adam's Fun Facts: Hawaiian Pizza, James Brown, MC Hammer & More!

Where was the Hawaiian pizza created?  What do MC Hammer and James Brown have in common?  What countries have won more Nobel prizes than Olympic medals?   130 palabras más


Turntable Tuesday Video: 'U Can't Touch This' By MC Hammer

When it comes to a selection for Turntable Tuesday, well, “U Can’t Touch This.”

Yes, I went there.

This is probably MC Hammer’s most famous song, which you can find out his 1990 album “Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em.” 110 palabras más


Staying upright and reviving the Running Man

With a new year comes new accomplishments and new objectives in my journey of recovery. The last few months of 2016 brought with them the ability for me to work harder and longer in a standing position, relying greatly on the Core Align, the piece of Pilates equipment with sliding carts under my feet and a wooden ladder in front of me that has become the most fundamental tool for my rehab. 621 palabras más


Officer Disciplined After Unattended Patrol Horse Dies

DENVER (AP/CBS4) — A Denver police officer has been punished for leaving his horse without food or water before it became sick and had to be put down. 358 palabras más


Music and Hollywood Pays Tribute To George Michael

The English pop superstar who charted hits and wowed audiences for almost more than three decades, George Michael‘s death has affected the world of music and… 341 palabras más

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