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Sunday Night Fever

Hey groovy guys and gals. It’s Sunday night and I feel like getting ma groove on. Sunday’s a day for chilling out and gettin’ the good vibes goin’, and after doing some… 185 palabras más


MC Hammer: Go for Broke

In this episode we discuss the rise and fall of a true showman: MC Hammer. Listen in as we tell the story of a preacher turned rapper, turned almost gansta rapper, turned preacher/rapper. 34 palabras más


BHM Day 20: MC Hammer

Today is day TWENTY (20) of Black History Month, and while I usually give y’all some militant shit, I’m gonna keep it cute today cause y’all were all crickets on Fred Hampton day lol. 470 palabras más

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Verb's Top 5 Hype Men: 2 Big MC

“Too Big MC. He was MC Hammer’s hype man…”- Verb in HYPE MAN, p.84

The second hype man on Verb’s top 5 is 2 Big MC.

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New Podcast: Dressing v Stuffing

Jesse, Joel, and Sam talk about the eternal Dressing v Stuffing debate, and all things Thanksgiving. Also, Joel shares his childhood memories of MC Hammer (6:50), they talk about the disaster that is the New York Giants (11:33), Sam loves dogs (15:38), the MLB shortest All-Stars (31:16), Joel is on the 76ers bandwagon (40:22), and Celtics coach Brad Stevens loves his brother. (46:00)

Thursday's Theme Music

Saw a photo that reminded me of this song.

I’d returned to America in February, nineteen ninety-one, taking up residence in the SF Bay area with an assignment as the Superintendent of the 750th Space Group Command Post at Onizuka Air Station in Sunnyvale. 126 palabras más

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