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Former Publicist For Jay Z & MC Hammer Seeks Medical Help

Industry staple Tonya Payton has fallen sick, bedridden and now her family is asking for help after falling into a coma.

Payton, a well-known publicist in Atlanta, was in a coma for roughly a week after she had suffered cardiac arrest in late August. 185 palabras más


The search for 'fake hip-hop'....

I guess this can also apply to those people screaming “we need to bring it back”, too?

Via AM

Few things can sour an otherwise amusing evening than having the DJ and/or rapper dude that is currently on stage bellowing out instructions involving either throwing your hands in the air if you ‘love that real hip-hop’ or demanding that all in attendance yell something along the lines of ‘I love that real hip-hop!’ While I can appreciate the need to elicit some excitement from the crowd, surely it’s time we move beyond the hackneyed traditions of competing to see which side of the audience is ‘liver’ or chanting ‘Hop!’ when the master of ceremonies says ‘Hip!’ The real issue that’s puzzled me for longer than I care to remember is where can I find this dreaded Fake Hip-Hop character who seems to be causing so much mischief at rap shows across the globe? 707 palabras más

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Sex without a happy ending

I don’t remember the theme of my high school dance.

It might have been “Night of a Thousand Stars” or “20 000 Leagues Under The Sea” or “Arabian Nights”. 811 palabras más


Les 90's

Notre collaboratrice Sophie nous offre un comique sondage maison sur notre décennie vedette. Attention, bons et moins bons souvenirs en vue!

Si tu es né avant 1990, tu as forcément 25 ans et plus. 671 palabras más


Daily Playlist 9/18/15

Anyway! If you want to request music or whatever you can comment on here, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email me at!

Dwayne D. requested any song from the Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em album. 150 palabras más


Adam's Fun Facts: Seattle, MC Hammer, Bra Clasp Inventor & More

Who invented the bra clasp?  What was the original name of Seattle?  What was MC Hammer doing before he got famous?  All that and more with Adam’s Fun Facts: 118 palabras más