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Verb's Top 5 Hype Men: 2 Big MC

“Too Big MC. He was MC Hammer’s hype man…”- Verb in HYPE MAN, p.84

The second hype man on Verb’s top 5 is 2 Big MC.

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New Podcast: Dressing v Stuffing

Jesse, Joel, and Sam talk about the eternal Dressing v Stuffing debate, and all things Thanksgiving. Also, Joel shares his childhood memories of MC Hammer (6:50), they talk about the disaster that is the New York Giants (11:33), Sam loves dogs (15:38), the MLB shortest All-Stars (31:16), Joel is on the 76ers bandwagon (40:22), and Celtics coach Brad Stevens loves his brother. (46:00)

Thursday's Theme Music

Saw a photo that reminded me of this song.

I’d returned to America in February, nineteen ninety-one, taking up residence in the SF Bay area with an assignment as the Superintendent of the 750th Space Group Command Post at Onizuka Air Station in Sunnyvale. 126 palabras más

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Man, I'm Too legit to Quit!

Too Legit to QuitMC Hammer 10/29/1991

MC Hammer. What more can be said that hasn’t already been said? He hit the world the previous year with… 735 palabras más


Song of the Day - 'U Can't Touch This'

A 90s playlist provides today’s song choice.

We’ve all gotten jokes and a half off this man (and these ridiculous pants).  But if you’re old enough, you had the song and at minimum, you had some knock off of the pants. 11 palabras más


Newbury Comics Selling Beck CDs Signed By MC Hammer

By Rami Abou-Sabe

For reasons we can’t quite explain, local record and comic book shop Newbury Comics is set to sell copies of Beck‘s album… 139 palabras más