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Time To Collect (Harvest Season)

When I originally decided to write about the topic of “harvest,” which was a super generic move on my part, I thought by the time this Thursday rolled around I would have an answer to this question and the words would just flow like a well churned butter. 401 palabras más


I Woke Up Like This - MC Hammer - “Have You Seen Her”

A lot of times I have a pretty good understanding of how a song ends up stuck in my head. This is not one of those times. 13 palabras más


Stop...Hammer Ti(m)e

I love my one-hit wonders almost as much as Seth Rogen.
No, we mention Hammer because my next #TVtieguy is the new manager of Chelsea Football Club, AnTonIo ContE. 115 palabras más

Guys With Ties

A Room of My Own

I’ve never been much for ‘man-caves.’ Maybe that’s because I never had one – with a couple of kids and a string of relatively modest homes, there really wasn’t a lot of extra space for a room I could fill with big-screen TVs, blow-up Hooters dolls, Corona-laden mini-fridges and display cases crowded with the many trophies and medals documenting my glorious high school band career. 784 palabras más


The Schultz sisters!  Camping and a concert

Oh my. What fun we had. Two sisters camping and concert going. It was tone loc, tag team, mc hammer and salt and pepa. Awesome!!!!!

Forever Fourteen

I had Criminal Minds playing in the background last night while I was working and something caught my attention. I heard Dr. Reed (which is a total hunk) say, “No music ever impacts us as much as what we listen to at age 14.” I began to think about it and wonder if this was true so I googled it and found that, in fact, it was totally true. 279 palabras más