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Acupuncture Causes Woman's Lung to Collapse


Acupuncture Causes Woman’s Lung to Collapse

By Nicoletta Lanese – Staff Writer 2 days ago Health 

Although rare, piercing the lung through an acupuncture pressure point in the shoulder is a well-known risk. 483 palabras más


'Hustlers' fans, let's never forget how great Jennifer Lopez was in 'Out of Sight'

The Hustlers hype is real. Since the first screenings, there’s been nothing but praise for the film and its stars, most specifically Jennifer Lopez… 1.062 palabras más



L’uroboro, oggetto del sogno ispiratore di Kekulé, (vedi Il sogno ispiratore) è un simbolo molto antico, che rappresenta un serpente che si mangia la coda, formando un cerchio senza inizio né fine. 242 palabras más


This High-Tech VTOL Is the First to Harness Hydrogen for Eco-Friendly Flights

Introducing the Skai, the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered aircraft. That was the claim from Alaka’i Technologies, which unveiled its new design recently at BMW’s Designworks innovation studio in Newbury Park, Calif. 271 palabras más


My First Blog Post

Hey everyone and welcome to my blog!

I’ll introduce myself: my name is Elena, I’m a 4th year medical student and I’ve created this blog to spread medical and health information simplified and made entertaining, so anyone at home can get informed about their own body and the way it functions, why it does the things it does sometimes, how to treat it well, etc. 177 palabras más


Il migliore e il peggiore sistema sanitario, italiano e americano

Nel 2000 la World Health Organization ha classificato il sistema sanitario italiano il secondo migliore al mondo, una classifica basato solamente sull’accesso alle cure e su altri elementi come per esempio l’aspettativa di vita.  603 palabras más


The Best and the Worst in Italian and American Health Care

In 2000 the World Health Organization ranked the Italian healthcare system the second-best on the planet, a ranking that was based solely on access to care and health outcomes such as life expectancy.  542 palabras más