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Common Assessment #3

Hopefully we had some good study time over the last few days to prepare for Common Assessment #3!

As a reminder, here is the information included in the 35 (for honors, 30 for academic) question assessment: 97 palabras más

Honors Biology

Stork? Bunny? Or something WAY cooler?

Jonah turns away from his video games and asks his dad: “ Dad, how do you make babies?“. Jonahs’ dad turns silent for a while before he shyly looks away and answers ……. 498 palabras más


Making a Prompt My Own - Clone Wars

The Daily Prompt was: If you could clone yourself how would you split up your responsibilities?

Hi, it’s me, Other Mary, and here’s my quick take on cloning.   222 palabras más

Blogging 101

Review Concept

Quizzes from today were great! A problem area was, “Why is our DNA not identical to our parents?”. Because of the random assortment of chromosomes (which hold DNA) in meiosis, gametes are never identical. 118 palabras más


All About Meiosis

]Year 12 Biology HL were asked to first create Meiosis models and then create an animation discussing the stages of meiosis. The final projects were absolutely fantastic. See photos and videos below:


Unit 7 Test

Below is your link to your Unit 7 test. The questions will be on the test form given to you by your instructor. Please answer all questions on the google form. 22 palabras más

Honors Biology

Sexual vs. Asexual Reproduction Homework Questions

Today we learned that cells can either have a haploid (half) or diploid (full) chromosome number. For example, in the case of humans, we have a 23 haploid number (for gametes aka sex cells divided by meiosis) or a 46 diploid number (for somatic cells aka non-sex cells divided by mitosis). 40 palabras más