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have a DDD = a dazzling delightful day!:-)

some thoughts and emotions fit together like the shades of raw green and bright yellow of this lively jigsaw – cheerful and resilient colors that look forward to ‘nestling’ together, while pristine white blossoms make springtime magic… each flower seems to have a soul that speaks the language of the rainbows, yet faded and hopeless, they symbolize eternal life… watching them, I do believe that dreamers and thinkers have always changed the world, which, btw, is full of amazing people… and those exceptional people are an inspiration to most of us, therefore, it’s good to dream, to wish and to hope to have an extraordinary life… BUT everything depends on ourselves, since all our yesterday choices have led us where we are right now, while those of today will decide whether we’re gonna have a great or a regrettable life tomorrow… :) … 173 palabras más


for melanie

Drives to the lake in the dead of winter
where frost hushed every living inch.
These were my favorite.
Leftover snow cakes the water’s still edges. 184 palabras más


Little Girl Loves On A Robot

In the cutest video (maybe for 2017 so far) ever…  watch this adorable little girl hug on a hot water tank thinking it is none other than a life size robot. 12 palabras más


splendides pommiers sauvages...:-)

“it’s one of those late-March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold…”(Charles Dickens)
* * *
European crab apple trees @ Parc de la Grande Plaine, Cité de l’Espace area… :) …
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