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LIVE AND LET GROWL By Laurien Berenson

It is Spring Vacation time and Melanie goes with Aunt Peg to a cluster of dog shows in Kentucky. Aunt Peg has judging assignments in 3 of the shows. 174 palabras más


another WW = walkin' weekend in lively Paris...:-)

un autre week-end passé à Paris, avec une halte au Bois de Boulogne @ la Fondation Louis Vuitton, œuvre de l’architecte Frank Gehry… des touristes partout, notre capitale est vraiment “une fête mobile”, comme disait Hemingway… une semaine au cœur ensoleillé! 50 palabras más


Gen 3 Chap 10 - Catching Ezra

Le Author’s Note: I’m back. My birthday was on the 23rd and I celebrated by playing with puppies and spending time with my fiance. AND! Getting back into the swing of things with the Xavier’s. 3.782 palabras más


Teaser Pics

Hello all. I am still kicking it and no amount of excuses could make up for the time I spent absent from my favorite blog. Life sucks ya know? 219 palabras más

Sims 3