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"Vanity capital" is the new metric for narcissism, and analysts say its value worldwide is greater than Germany's GDP

Last month, Bank of America Merrill Lynch released the compellingly titled report, “Vanity Capital: The global bull market in narcissism,” which put a price tag on the amount we spend globally on products and services that enhance our appearance or prestige. 763 palabras más



 ~ Are you holding the Red Flag…..or do you have the “bull by the horns” ….at 5:42 AM Fixed with purpose and intention, the Sun-in-Taurus bursts through the door of the china shop just before dawn. 309 palabras más


18 Apr 2015 (AFR) - Brisbane, Melbourne apartments vulnerable - Housing oversupply to hit apartments in the inner city first

(18 April 2015, AFR, p6, by Samantha Hutchinson)

‘Apartments close to the city are the most likely to succumb to price falls if population growth comes in below expectations in the next three years.  76 palabras más

1.Market Observations

Does Homeownership Make Sense Financially?

Everyone knows the social advantages of home ownership. However, some question the financial benefits of owning a home. Three recent studies shed some light on the issue. 237 palabras más

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The CVS Group Global Wealth Management Merrill Lynch Financial Advisory

Carol Sherman, Vice President, Senior Financial Advisor

Carol graduierte von der Arizona State University mit einem Bachelor of Science in Business Administration und verfugt derzeit uber 30 Jahre Finanzberatung Erfahrung. 173 palabras más


Corporate Strategy: Merrill Lynch Pt. 5

Improved Customer Service

Merrill Lynch realized they had to expand its strategy by introducing a new vision that would re-define the definition of full-service investment bank.   260 palabras más

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