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GLOBAL CITIZEN: A Princely Sum for Autism Research

Global Citizen: QUOTE: Shah, whose parents immigrated to London from Kenya in the 1960s, grew up in the well-to-do Marylebone neighbourhood in Central London and studied medicine at King’s College before deciding he did not want to become a doctor. 395 palabras más

Good OM Reading: The Coming Robot Apocalypse?

Merrill Lynch just sent me a 300 page report the firm recently released called Robot Revolution – Global Robot & AI Primer. It makes for fascinating reading. 299 palabras más

Chapter 7

5 Fascinating Facts about the Booming Robot Market

The robot industry is experiencing a boom period that’s not likely to slow anytime soon.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch released a report this week that said that annual global sales of robots reached a record $10.7 billion in 2014. 617 palabras más


This Bank Is Building a Robot that Gives Investment Advice

Bank of America is joining the ever-increasing club of robo-advisors by building its own proprietary automated investment platform, people with knowledge of the project told… 302 palabras más


Networking is fun...

The social kind, not the computer kind (not that computer networking can’t be fun; I’m not trying to get a bunch of network administrators angry at me or anything, but… fuck it; you know what I mean.) 393 palabras más


God speed, John Thain

Bloomberg and others report that John Thain is to retire from his position as CEO of CIT next year.

If this really is retirement for Thain – he will remain as chairman but will not have an executive role – then I hope he is leaving on his own terms. 287 palabras más

Goldman Sachs

Database History

In the course of a normal day’s work on the database, I noticed this piece of recent history, and marked the record “has no valid address”, because the address isn’t there anymore.

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