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POCKETBOOK: Week ending Feb.9, 2018

  • Corrections and bears a good thing

As uncomfortable as it can be listening to all the talking heads sound as though the world is coming to an end with respect to the very natural movements of stock prices going down, the truth is—and always has been—stock prices go up and down. 790 palabras más

POCKETBOOK: Week ending Feb.2, 2018

•2.5%—ya buy 2% milk, don’t ya?

Readers of this site know that I’ve been posting “be careful”  kinds of blogs for more than a year now. 943 palabras más

Carlo Festa: Bond e mezzanini: ecco i due strumenti finanziari studiati dal Milan per rimborsare Elliott

Si tratta di un’operazione finanziaria mai realizzata su un club di calcio in Italia. Un’operazione contestuale con leva finanziaria (cioè debito) su due livelli: con l’emissione di un bond da parte del Milan sulla scia di quanto già fatto da Roma e Inter e con l’utilizzo di uno strumento mezzanino, prodotto con rendimenti elevati e forte dose di rischio, da parte della Rossoneri Sport. 351 palabras más


List of Merrill Lynch Patents

Attached are the patent references to Merrill Lynch Patent. .. automated securities trading system 1129 patents attached by reference to this one, 1129 people…

That is 1129 more processes of exploiting us for profit and 1129 more processes of fixing the system to ML and it buddies ends.

automated securities patent references


Merrill Lynch Imposes Ban on Bitcoin Futures Flat as Contracts Move Short

Merrill Lynch Imposes Ban on Bitcoin Futures Flat as Contracts Move Short

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the industry’s principal administrative arm, reports a net increment in short contracts; volume is languid, and an inheritance bank has now out and out precluded customers and counsels from exchanging the moderately new item. 523 palabras más


Richard Branson's Bank to List on London Stock Exchange to Tune of £20bn

Virgin Money is poised for floatation as early as October

Virgin Money, the banking arm of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, could be floated on the London Stock Exchange as early as October. 377 palabras más


Are you still getting charged account fees? There’s a solution.

One of the most irritating things about having an account with one of the “big box” firms is that they charge you a fee just for having an account.  269 palabras más