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Tesla to fund the growth - 500 million dollars stock offering

Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) has announced a 500 million dollars stock offering. According to the company release this public offering will accelerate the growth of Tesla Energy, development of the new Model 3 and the Gigafactory. 135 palabras más


I have been set back, B of A and Merrill Lynch have teamed and copied my Plan

Last late evening at about 1am I came across an ad that had my business banker and the owner of the virtual Database I was using for my information storage announce that they now were helping the Businessman to lead them into the Global Market. 223 palabras más

Following Bank of America Merrill Lynch yesterday giving six reasons for downgrading AAPL stock, Morgan Stanley has responded today with four reasons it continues to rate the stock a Buy, reports  162 palabras más

AAPL Company

Merrill Lynch cuts Apple rating; Jefferies, Global Equities foresee impending ‘disaster’

”Shares of Apple are down $1.01, or 0.9%, at $113.63, in pre-market trading following a drop of 3% yesterday, and the rhetoric on the stock has suddenly gone red-hot negative overnight,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. 1.007 palabras más


Nursing Home Residents Regain Independence through Restorative Program

New York resident Keefe Gorman is an accomplished skier and financial professional for Merrill Lynch. In addition to his work with Merrill Lynch, Keefe Gorman plays an active role in his community. 167 palabras más

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Of CEOs and other matters

We are going to talk about CEOs again- winners and losers. This is why IFO thinks it is important to keep track of who your CEOs are in the companies you are investing in. 508 palabras más


Does John Key Know? Part 1: Bank Of America

The problem most people have in judging John Key and his role here in New Zealand and why he is doing what he is doing leaves a lot of people, even those who vote National, bewildered and confused and angry is that they don’t know about the way money is created, how he gained his wealth and what he has to do to keep it so I thought I’d give a couple of examples. 854 palabras más

Economic Meltdown