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En el trolebús (II de II) 

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Un par de paradas luego de que se bajara el tipo que hablaba sobre ojos en una hielera en la mesa de un conocido, que serían trasplantados la mañana siguiente; terminé al lado de dos niños con uniforme de escuela pública, que viajaban con su madre. 878 palabras más

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Mestizo Boyfriend Shoots Dead White Ex-Girlfriend Before Killing Himself


Mexican males are widely known for their possessiveness, which borders on obsession. 301 palabras más


En adopción 4 hembras mestizas, nacieron el 18 de Octubre, sus padres son de un tamaño mediano y sanos. Los cachorros se encuentran desparasitados. Se busca una familia responsable y que les entreguen mucho amor. 11 palabras más


"Filipino's in Nueva Espana" by Rudy P. Guevarra Reading Reflection

According to the journal article by Rudy P. Guevarra Jr. “Filipino’s in Nueva Espana: Filipino-Mexican Relations, Mestizaje, and Identity in Colonial and Contemporary Mexico”, Filipinos and Mexicans share many cultural similarities in their lifestyle, language, religion, and food. 616 palabras más

MMA Fighter War Machine Attempts Suicide in Las Vegas Jail: Report

Mixed martial arts fighter Jonathan Koppenhaver, who is accused of beating up his ex-girlfriend, tried to kill himself in a Las Vegas jail, authorities said. 250 palabras más


Paladin Justice reblogueó esto en saboteur365 y comentado:

[caption id="attachment_12962" align="alignnone" width="584"]Click to enlarge. Jon Koppenhaver. Click to enlarge.[/caption] I posted two stories about War Machine Jon Koppenhaver in August when a police dragnet sought him for severely beating his ex-girlfriend, a story that made national news for a week or so. Koppenhaver, the creature with the scary neck tattoo is allegedly half-Mexican. Mexicans have a strong propensity toward domestic violence. After which they always profess great sorrow. The local newspaper where I live has been full of these stories over the years. As to what motivated War Machine to self-destruct to the point of attempted suicide, we can hazard a guess. Mine would be he doesn't want to go to prison. I'll speculate that some of the other prisoners might be fans of porn star Christy Mack, the woman he allegedly beat up. They would not have Koppenhaver's good health high on their list of things to be concerned with. Since most of these muscle guys are on steroids, maybe War Machine can cop a plea--roid rage. If he does, he'll still spend significant time in prison for his cowardly deed. I hope he doesn't expect Christy to be waiting for him when he gets out. There are so many other losers for her to take on as boyfriends.