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Metal Mulisha

This blog will never ever ever be a fashion blog… However.. I do occasionally get people about some of the clothes I wear. So I thought I would introduce to you my favourite brand; Metal Mulisha. 507 palabras más

Getting the Rally Car!

So, let’s talk building a rally car. Frankly, it is not a small project. There are several things we did to start our build. First we utilized the Rally America Rulebook. 711 palabras más

Hip Hop Clothing- A new way of making a style statement

A fashion trend that started in New York City, then influenced by the hip hop scene across the country, hip hop clothing is simple to acknowledge fashion statement. 270 palabras más


Brian Deegan - a yarn with a real American hero

by John Rooth

First time I met Brian Deegan was years ago when Metal Mulisha was touring Australia. Despite being a lifetime bike rider I’d never seen one of their shows, had no idea who ‘Deegs’ was and was only interviewing him because a magazine called ‘Australian Tattoo’ wanted a feature on the Mulisha’s interest in tattoo art. 817 palabras más

Mickey Thompson Tires

The 2014 Hawkesbury River Festival

For the past few years I’ve really only had time to do ‘event photography’… which basically means going to an event and trying my best to not look like a pervert while taking photos of people doing stuff when they probably woke up thinking “hey, I really hope no one takes a photo of me doing the shit I have planned today”. 235 palabras más

Vankleek Hill