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Response and Feedback: Metrobus Interview

Following on from my job interview with Metrobus, I have had a response, with some feedback.

I am grateful but shocked for the response I received, eventhough it was a decline. 587 palabras más

Job Searching

Trying to walk Colliter's Brook

This week I wanted to walk Colliter’s Brook, one of the little streams that lead into the Avon.  I haven’t walked it for ages, because the public footpath has been closed off for the (endless) Metrobus works, as the route runs alongside the brook.   306 palabras más


Job Interview: Metrobus

I had my eighth job interview on Saturday 10 February 2018 at 9:00am since September 2016 and this job interview was a group interview.

What job was the interview for? 344 palabras más


Back to basics... (including more minibus woes!)

After a few posts regarding the major news just across the border in Berkshire, I return today with news of some local service changes! Clicking on the route number will take you to the new timetable, with the exception of routes 26 and 28 which are yet to be published. 725 palabras más

Route Changes

Metrobus Crashes in North St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Multiple injuries after a car crashes into a Metro bus overnight. It happened around 12:30 in north St. Louis.

A car traveling east on West Florissant Avenue lost control, spun out and hit the Metro bus, which was going west. 80 palabras más


MetroBus Service Changes Scheduled to Begin August 14

St Louis, MO August 13, 2017 (STL.NEWS) Metro’s quarterly service change goes into effect on Monday, August 14, and will modify the operations of 33 MetroBus routes in the St. 16 palabras más

20 Temmuz 2017 Perşembe*

Bu yazı dün başımdan geçenleri konu almaktadır. Öyle aman aman şeyler değil. Yazarken bile sıkıldım be. Gıcık gün. Gıcık yazı.

Talihsizlikler mi desem, şanssızlık mı desem… Sabah 06:28‘de kalkmak üzere hızlı tren biletime yetişebilmek niyetiyle, bir önceki gece erken uyuyup erken uyanmalıydım. 1.405 palabras más