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Shut up and dance - Friday 5/22/15 Song Suggestions List

Introspection is all fine and dandy but sometimes, you just want to let loose and groove. Nothing more needs to be said than that, right? 282 palabras más


BUSN 258 Customer Relations

BUSN 258 Customer Relations 



BUSN 258 Customer Relations

Week 1

Week 1 DQ 1Developing Customer Service Attitudes and Values 

Customer Service – Impact (Graded) 1.428 palabras más


Mom, Mogs and Memories...

Mogs, etc.

I’ve had a decent weekend, and it’s been a LONG time since I’d last made that statement.  It started off on Friday when some colleagues at work pumped up my ego a bit.  934 palabras más


Music Monday!

Decided to put up some of the songs from my various bath time playlists (have one for every mood) for this week’s music Monday! Thought it would kind of tie in to a few of my posts this week, you can find it… 22 palabras más


Delta Venus promete sonar a intemporalidad (MGMT lo sabe)

Por Andrea Munguía Aguilar

En Argentina el rock no ha sido sólo el género musical que más éxito comercial ha tenido. Ha servido como estandarte para un movimiento subversivo, una reacción social ante la historia política de un país que ha atravesado por golpes de estado y dictaduras que lo han sumido en crisis sociales y económicas. 355 palabras más


MGMT - Flash Delirium (2010)


It’s a bank holiday in Blighty – cause for celebration! In the exhilarating ‘Flash Delirium’, MGMT featured flutes, horns and a bonafide wall of sound.  17 palabras más


Day 1: Sweatpants Overalls with a Hoodie / Rain on a Bow

Day One of my experiment with the ‘Everyman’ sleep cycle is over! I already made a few mistakes, and considered already giving up . . . 669 palabras más