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On MGMT's Career Failure

It is clear from MGMT’s self-titled third album that they became increasingly upset and isolated after their second album failed to garner the same attention that their debut album did. 80 palabras más

Gengahr: A Dream Outside

Gengahr (we’ve no idea how to pronounce it — Gengarrr as in “Gengarrrr me ‘arties?”) are a rather hyped band, and one of those myriad of “next big things” knocking about at any one time. 282 palabras más

A Different Feel to MGMT's "Electric Feel"

With a signature psychedelic pop beat and a happy bounce, MGMT’s hit “Electric Feel” is 100% on every hipster’s “Party,” “Chilling Out,” and “BBQ” playlists.   117 palabras más


30-day writing challenge: Day 22

Day 22: Put your music on shuffle and post the first 10 songs

I have a varied taste in music and I think having 2220 songs shows that variety. 448 palabras más

Spot The Difference


Frank Ocean – Nature Feels

MGMT – Electric Feel

Eventually - Tame Impala - New Song Of The Day

What is the point in Tame Impala? You could quite validly ask that question on a number of levels. Do we really need yet another synth-washed psychadelic band? 318 palabras más


Electronic Psych-Rock: Sleepy Hahas 'Deep River'

Audible influences drawn from MGMT and The Flaming Lips, Sleepy Hahas, a trio from Buffallo, NY, add to the popular psychedelic rock movement that is exploding this year in music, with their own taste of electronic and garage sounds. 148 palabras más