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Yeasayer: Amen and Goodbye

You know what you’re getting with the surprisingly long-lived Yeasayer — catchy dance / pop with that hippy vibe that seemed to surround them and bands like MGMT, who emerged at the same time. 282 palabras más

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Time for a Quadruple Bottom Line

For years, companies existed only to return a profit to their shareholders. Whether business leaders were doing a good job was measured by financial metrics only. 1.148 palabras más


MGMT--4th Dimensional Transition

MGMT’s tale is not unique.  After having an early hit, they were plagued with expectation and misconceptions.  Many lamented that the band was stubbornly refusing to follow up its radio-friendly debut with more bright, psych-tinged pop.   216 palabras más


Mac DeMarco and MGMT Cooking Up Something Good?

The rumour mill is spinning once again – this time concerning the possible collaboration of indie rock sweethearts MGMT and Mac DeMarco.

Thankfully there’s some substance to this story as pictures have surfaced of the duo and Salad Days star working together in the former’s home studio, weirdly enough the same place that MGMT have been working for the past few months. 130 palabras más


Blog: What's the Deal With Art Attack?

Every year about mid-way through the spring semester, the question begins to circulate.

“Who is playing Art Attack?”

And every year, the answer seems to be divisive, and honestly pretty lackluster. 659 palabras más

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Man I love mgmt! I’ve been listening to their Cd on my way to work this week and I’m just like yeaaaaaa! So here’s a mgmt fan 😁


On April 13, 2010.

On April 13, 2010, “Columbia” label released “Congratulations”, the second MGMT studio album. It was recorded in 2009, and was produced by MGMT and Sonic Boom. 171 palabras más