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80/35 (2017) [Festival Review] or Sparkles On The Unconscious

And Then There Was 3

3 dudes packed tight in a 2005 Scion TC; that’s how the journey to Des Moines started for me.

It was the night before, 8:15pm to be exact, and we we’re headed out to Waukee, IA for a place to camp out for the festival after a week of a constantly changing schedule that took few prisoners; but much more brain cells. 3.770 palabras más


lovelytheband - Lovely The Night

So for full disclosure, Jordan Greenwald who plays guitar, keys and sings back up is my second cousin’s son… And if I understand the whole cousin thing, he is my second cousin, once removed. 704 palabras más

Marc's Mixed Bag - A Little Of Everything

iPod's Wheel Speed Dating & the Continuous Musical Invention


For a while, in order to discover musics, I was doing this : downloading archives like “100 Best Indie Tracks – June 2015”, stuffing these into my small iPod, and then, as I was walking along in the city, I was playing with the iPod wheel, wandering in random mode. 677 palabras más

Album Cover Of The Day -MGMT...


2nd album
April 2010

Thursday 6 July 2017

Album Cover Of The Day

Festival Report: Mamby On The Beach 2017

There’s something to be said about a festival when you can look back on it a week later and remember only the highlights of it. … 379 palabras más


How To Get To Mamby On The Beach This Weekend

Chicago hosts a few killer Music Festivals, there’s no doubt about it. Pitchfork and Lollapalooza are the biggest draws, but there’s a newer Fest that seems to be improving every year, while still keeping a low-key vibe. 224 palabras más


niallon - Kids

Another cheat but, c’mon, the mullet era needs to be updated! Alongside Toca’s Miracle, this is a very significant cover in myself and Peter’s history of collaborations. 77 palabras más