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I should blog more often

If I blogged for connection, I’d probably blog more often.

I’m sure I did at some point.


This is a classic.



My sweet little boo is getting her very own intro post! She is literally my entire life so it’s only fitting she gets her own post. 780 palabras más


You've finally decided to show up, have you?

I admit it had been a while. Almost three months. I’d like to say that there has been a good excuse, but they are all a bit pathetic really. 161 palabras más

It doesnt hurt me.

Honestly I just feel so fucking depressed.
When I get sad I dont want to eat.
I just want to be empty.
It gives me gratification. 216 palabras más

May 17, 2019

We went to the library and signed up for the Summer reading program.

Mia “schooled” herself by doing lots of reading and playing school and doing lots of writing. 11 palabras más

May 16, 2019

Mia played with her dolls and practiced typing on her computer.

We started Lesson 15 in LLFLE 2, which included a picture study and ar/er/ir/ur/or words. 85 palabras más

May 15, 2019

We read in one of the Answers for Kids books together about creation.

Mia continued reviewing first grade math on Khan Academy and has now completed 89%! 60 palabras más