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Ride to Miami Brewing Co. to Black Point and All Around South Florida

This ride was truly a great time. We did it on April 9th, 2017 and I’m just now getting around to talking about it and putting together some of the footage we took. 316 palabras más


The Top Three Best Restaurants of Miami

Miami is a huge city with lots of restaurants coming and going. Tastes can change drastically, and that also applies to the taste of a restaurant’s food. 6 palabras más

Coral Gables en canoa

Disfruta de un día en canoa por Coral Gables! Esta experiencia esta dirigida por Miami EcoAdventures y el personal del Museo Coral Gables. Una combinación de naturaleza e historia con encantadoras vistas a los parajes naturales y algunos monumentos históricos.  209 palabras más

My Love For The Moschino Alien Jackie Kennedy Collection

Literally my world just stopped…. Have you seen the Moschino collection that was shown during Milan Fashion Week? If not I got you covered. I love  Moschino; the clothes are always fun, colorful and exciting but, this collection just blew me away.   158 palabras más

Centurion Lounge At MIA, Not So Fast!

Since I was flying to MIA, I thought paying a visit to the Miami Centurion lounge would be a nice quick stop.

One quick internet search and my hopes of visiting the lounge came to an end. 68 palabras más

Centurion Lounge

Do followers really mean anything?

This idea has been pressing on my mind since I started following hashtags on instagram. Currently I follow #editorialillustration because it has been something I’m getting into. 1.056 palabras más


Museum of Ice Cream came to Miami!

GURL, have you been to the Museum of Ice Cream? Well if you haven’t, I highly suggest it. This past January I went to visit and it was super cute, with lots of pink and I’m going to share my experience with you. 641 palabras más