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'A Nightmare Without An End': Wildfires Burn Out Of Control In Chile


The government of Chile says wildfires that have killed at least 10 people are the worst blazes in the country’s history.

Several firefighters are among the dead. 565 palabras más


Slow and Steady (and Stable) Wins the Race: the Chilean Central Bank's new President

On Tuesday Chilean President Bachalet announced her decision to appoint Mario Marcel to replace Rodrigo Vergara as head of the Central Bank when Vargara’s term ends in December, … 308 palabras más

Domestic Politics

September 29 in history

522 BC – Darius I of Persia killed the Magian usurper Gaumâta, securing his hold as king of the Persian Empire.

480 BC  Battle of Salamis… 662 palabras más


An unquiet ocean

There must be something about being in Chile that makes me write blog posts. I wrote my last one here in September of last year, and now I’m at it again, a third of the way through a trip to Santiago and the south of the country. 639 palabras más

Dilma, Cristina, Michelle and Hillary

If there are any contemporaries to whom Hillary Clinton can be compared, they would be Dilma Rousseff of Brazil, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of Argentina and Michelle Bachelet of Chile. 554 palabras más


First Ladies

So Clinton has won the nomination, as everyone knew she would. If I could vote in US elections I would (of course) vote for her over the horror show that is Trump. 499 palabras más

Chile Student Protests Erupt Into Violence

Student protests calling for education reforms in Chile erupted into violence Thursday when police tried to reroute the march.

Protesters, who were marching through the center of the capital Santiago, threw stones at police after refusing to take an alternative route, Agence France-Presse reports. 160 palabras más