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Con Tres heridas por Guernica con Miguel Hernández.

Con una herida, la de la vida,
llego al pueblo de Guernica que despierta somnoliento
Queda atrás de la plaza,
la fría escarcha de las eras. 554 palabras más


Snippet: Miguel Hernández legacy online

La Vanguardia newspaper calls it “one of the most important heritages of Spanish literature of the 20th century.” The legacy of the poet Miguel Hernández (1910-1942; … 184 palabras más


"menos tu vientre"

Delighted to have two new poems, “menos tu vientre” & What is there to write in the latest issue of The Curly Mind (July 15, 2016). 52 palabras más

Debasis Mukhopadhyay

No me conformo, no: me desespero

Here is a sonnet of love from the early twentieth century Spanish poet, Miguel Hernandez, following a long, and, I suspect never-ending, tradition of creating poems to explore the condition of being in love, and using the sonnet form where the poet’s ideas can be condensed and focussed to their essential core. 392 palabras más

Miguel Hernández

Since this useless grief of mine
likes the taste of rain, snail shells,
the organs of the body,
I’ll go ahead and feed your heart… 74 palabras más


Poetry [My heart can’t go any longer]

Hola mi Gente,
Most of you probably never heard of Miguel Hernández Gilabert, but his work ranks right up there with the rest of the Latinx pantheon — Julia de Burgos, Frederico Garcia Lorca, Cesar Vallejo, and Pablo Neruda just to name a few. 312 palabras más