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Repression and exile: landmarks of the Civil War in Alicante

Alicante was the last major city to fall to Franco’s Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War, just two days before the end of the conflict. 2.010 palabras más

Civil War In Alicante

Trump’s Legitimization of White Nationalism Harkens Back to the KKK’s "Invisible Empire" of the 1920s

Miguel Hernández
University of Exeter

Earlier this month, President Donald J. Trump lent further credence to various figures in far-right politics by retweeting the complaints of prominent far-right activists recently  banned from social media platforms. 1.367 palabras más

Imperial & Global History

Roel Martinez returns with new single 'Como Yo Te Amé' [AUDIO]

Roel Martinez recorded many hit songs as the lead vocalist of Grupo Rodeo and now the crooner returns with “Como Yo Te Amé,” his latest solo single. 185 palabras más


Dedikim poetit / Vargje qiellore nga viktima e bardhë

Dionis Xhafa


Në duart e mia ra një libër i mrekullueshëm, titulluar “Poezi spanjolle të shekullit XX” blerë lirë, në udhë të madhe, në stenda të krijuara aty-këtu, nëpër Tiranë. 326 palabras más

Dehje Poetike

MIGUEL HERNÁNDEZ: Love Rose Between Us

(from the Spanish of Miguel Hernández)

Love rose between us
like the moon between two palm trees
that never embraced.

An intimate murmur in both our bodies, 65 palabras más

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De huerta a huerta, sino sangriento ( poema)

De huerta a huerta voy;

Como la abeja a trabajar de flor a flor.

Pero a mí me aguarda la sangre y el dolor,

En la flor y frescura de mi huerta, 263 palabras más



Although my loving body
Is under earth now
Write to me on earth
So I can write to you….

The pigeon -house of letters
Begins its impossible flight… 17 palabras más