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Your heart is a frozen orange

Your heart is a frozen orange

Your heart is a frozen orange.
No light gets in; it is resinous, porous,
golden: the skin promises
good things to the eye. 568 palabras más


Highly-anticipated debut album from Monica Saldivar was worth the wait [LISTEN]

The much-anticipated debut album from Monica Saldivar has officially been released and it was simply worth the wait. Put together by an ensemble of multi-Grammy award-winning singers, songwriters & producers along with special guest musicians. 601 palabras más


Miguel Hernández: the power and emotion of Alicante's Civil War poet

Miguel Hernández was one of the greatest poets of Spain in the twentieth century, yet his work is scarcely known in the English-speaking world. But his verses can break your heart…in both languages. 1.826 palabras más

Civil War In Alicante

Junior high football winning big this season

250 rushing yards in an entire season would be impressive for our typically struggling football team.

Eighth grade running back Miguel Hernandez hit that mark in the first half of the opening game against St. 554 palabras más


Miguel Hernández

After Love

We could not be. The earth
could not be enough for us.
We are not equal to what
the sun intended
with its distant desire. 311 palabras más


Repression and exile: landmarks of the Civil War in Alicante

Alicante was the last major city to fall to Franco’s Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War, just two days before the end of the conflict. 2.100 palabras más

Civil War In Alicante