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LOVE ROSE BETWEEN US (by Miguel Hernández)

(from the Spanish of Miguel Hernández)

Love rose between us
like the moon between two palm trees
that never embraced.

An intimate murmur in both our bodies, 65 palabras más


De huerta a huerta, sino sangriento ( poema)

De huerta a huerta voy;

Como la abeja a trabajar de flor a flor.

Pero a mí me aguarda la sangre y el dolor,

En la flor y frescura de mi huerta, 277 palabras más



Although my loving body
Is under earth now
Write to me on earth
So I can write to you….

The pigeon -house of letters
Begins its impossible flight… 17 palabras más


We could not be. The earth could not bear it

Day 8. Monday, June 11th, 2018.

All right, day 8! It’s Monday, it’s 23:19 pm, and I just got home now! So, I have exactly 41 min to write this post. 446 palabras más

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