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"Hard choices are hard because there is no best option." - Ruth Chang

One choice doesn’t seem any better than the other one–only different. She’s right and this is also one of the things that made me very much receptive to  184 palabras más


Milan Kundera, La fête de l'insignifiance

Dans L’art du roman, Kundera dit que le romancier est un “explorateur de l’existence”. Chez Kundera, cette exploration ne passe pas par l’exploration du monologue intérieur des personnages. 458 palabras más

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Dystopian Lit Opening Lines ~ WIF Required Reading

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Dystopian Literature

Dystopian worlds are decidedly unlike our own – totalitarian, dehumanizing, frightening, often futuristic. The job of their creators, then, is to imagine a hellish world and put it on paper, in writing that somehow makes its existence terrifyingly plausible. 1.768 palabras más


Lightness & Weight: The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera [Book Review]

This summer, while my grandmother was visiting from England, we spent part of the afternoon together walking around the McGill University campus and surrounding area. I wanted her to get the chance to see what a beautiful place I’d be studying at for the next three years. 883 palabras más