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The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

Year of publication: 1979
Found: My best friend’s mother’s bookshelf
Pages/Read time: 228, a week


I like Milan Kundera’s writing, but I’m not entirely sure why. 318 palabras más

Ellan Read

The poet's grandmother

I was nineteen when, in my hometown, a young academic gave a public lecture; it was during the first months of the Communist revolution, and bowing to the spirit of the time, he talked about the social responsibility of art.

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Quote Of The Day

The Unbearable Lightness Of Being

Every now and then, often when you are least expecting it, a film or book comes along that alters your entire perspective on certain aspects of life. 672 palabras más


Reading of Milan Kundera's The Festival of Insignificance

I’m not a person of musical talent, but Milan Kundera’s work does gave me a sense of “reprise” as he once mentioned. I’m very fond of the seven chapter structure as always, and his way of dealing with the “insignificance”. 193 palabras más


Fetching the Lost Inspiration (1)

Ramon stopped in front of a suntanned, appealing adolescent, naked under his shorts, who was selling masks of the faces of Balzac, Berlioz, Hugo, Dumas. –Milan Kundera…

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How a motorcycle can change your life

The man hunched over his motorcycle can focus only on the present. He is caught in a fragment of time cut off from both the past and the future. 608 palabras más