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Sunday Family Yoga & Open Play 🧘‍♂️🧘‍♀️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏽‍♀️

WE ARE READY FOR YOU! SUNDAY CLASSES ARE ON! 10:30 Family Yoga $10pp. Open Play Noon – 3 pm. Sign up online to reserve your spot!

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Childhood Canopy

It’s here, under these very trees, that my brother and I spent our childhood. Playing, escaping, running to and from things. The beautiful and the terrifying entered the woods with us. 10 palabras más

World Mental Health Day

Mental illness and addiction have affected one side of my family for generations. The stigma attached to both of these afflicitons (although often one in the same) have silenced those suffering and their families. 288 palabras más


Hearing Between the Lines

I’m learning that my new normal is living life and missing my brother. The two will be deep-rooted lifelong friends. I remember him asking me once how I was always so happy, and at the time I gave some under-thought response. 62 palabras más


Making Space for Joy

This picture really speaks the the new ‘current mood’ I’m becoming acquainted with. My cousin and I call It happy/sad and It isn’t deeper than that, but a stark contrast to how I felt before. 87 palabras más


Cosmic Birthday

It’s been almost six months since he passed. In that time, I’ve gotten a lot of advice and support and new friendships and I’ve even shed old skins. 161 palabras más

Saturday Yoga Canceled Class

Lucky Us! Our crew of fire safety upgrades, were able to get to us tonight due to a cancellation. Unfortunately we will not be able to hold class. 99 palabras más

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