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27. A Three-part Human Being

“Anak, let’s talk about health naman.”

“Sige po kasi may tanong ako. Kanina pa to sa isipan ko. Is it true that avoiding the consumption of animals contribute to the strengthening of our immune system, leading to good health and long life? 467 palabras más

Father And Son

How Pregnancy Healed Me: Mind, Body & Spirit

So this is the first blog post with my new brand: Mama Quackers! I do hope you like this fun, quirky name chosen for this specific niche in which I’ve decided to venture. 1.278 palabras más


Restorative Workshop Tonight

Join us at North Shore Restorative Yoga this evening for a deeply relaxing experience. Focus on your calming breath with supported yoga poses, guided visualization and attention on your body all by candlelight. 27 palabras más


Media Niche

From time to time, I’ll be offering vintage and older (1700’s to early 2000’s) wellness media as I find them. Most of the information is timeless–it’s just as relevant today as it was when it was published. 406 palabras más

Lifestyle Change


Tumbleweed buries into her deepest consciousness

Strangling all sweet serenity with a sneering sadism

Penetrating all parts that were portals to the hearts of others… 139 palabras más

Mind Body Spirit


What is an opinion, a thought that can be changed, a view or judgment formed about something not necessarily based on fact or knowledge but based on how we think things should be. 456 palabras más

Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit

Meeting in the Middle

Dredged up from all the grime and grease

Reminders of a life at peace

The shadow falls; a spark appears

The two converge amongst the fears… 58 palabras más

Mind Body Spirit