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There's an optimism.

There’s an optimism,
that visits me in fleeting moments.
To caress my woes and call on relaxation.

It’s been awhile
since I’ve talked
about the figure. 31 palabras más


Article: Creativity and Boredom

Recently I had one of those International variations of flu strains that meant I had weeks of being able to do next to nothing. Except, of course, thinking. 340 palabras más



Reviewing all my actions
And past sweet reveries
Performative reactions
And fingers over keys

Mere moments self was showing
Remainder under mask
Excitement overflowing
Dictated by the task… 64 palabras más


Do You Have The Meta Skill? - NLP Procedures - Mind Persuasion Forum

There are skills and meta skills Individual skills are virtually infinite. For example, if you wanted to be a skilled computer programmer, you would never be finished. 18 palabras más