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How not to meditate.

“ Ok, let’s begin. Sit comfortably.”

Sure. Hari om.

“ Sit in the lotus pose.”

Wait… what ? That’s not comfortable. Do you know how hard this floor is ? 338 palabras más


A Clockwork Orange nowadays (2): mind control and police brutality by Eva Imperi

In my previous post, I dealt with the question of free will. Now I will proceed with two other topics in A clockwork orange: 443 palabras más


Advertisements Are Evil

Every website you visit. Every channel you flip through. They all have one thing in common. They all have ads. Yes they might not seem annoying depending on the website, but the ads are there to make you buy stuff! 292 palabras más


The G Spot Cast Episode #11 "You Might be in a Cult if.........”

Episode 11- You might be in a cult if… This week’s episode we talk about our favorite cult. Wait? Is that a thing? Can you really have a FAVORITE cult? 68 palabras más


Let's talk about us

Let’s establish a few facts beforehand shall we? If given the right resources and brains we’re the most dangerous generation to be found. The 13-19 are the years when we discover ourselves, when we experiment, when we try and figure out who other people are and not ourselves. 300 palabras más


Run - Week 2 - Day 3

No, I didn’t skip Day 2, I just didn’t blog about it. No pressure, right? Blog when you feel like it, right?

Anyways – circumstances hectic as usual. 345 palabras más