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Controlled by Her brain chip

Yesterday Domina Shelle did release a new upgrade for Her brain chip series. As it is a so-called mystery upgrade She does not want to spoil all the fun and keeps the content of the new program a secret. 174 palabras más

Domina Shelle

Scientists Remotely Hack Brain, Control Body Movements

Scientists have discovered a way of secretly hacking the brains of human beings and controlling their limbs without their permission. Bgr…



What I think: mindcontrol is the most disgusting thing in the world.


Exposing My Gangstalkers

I’ve made up my mind that I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I have. I want people to know the names of those that have hurt me. 314 palabras más


Poetry Piece #21

There is no outer space

there is only inner space

this is not taught

because most in power are bought

and to be honest, we all owe a lot… 47 palabras más

brainwashed princess

giggles… of course it Me being brainwashed princess andrea and not my beloved Princess Shelle.
Finally with two days delay i could listen to Her newest brainwashing file “ 298 palabras más

Domina Shelle

Allured and Mindless

Domina Shelle’s newest file “The Allure” left me in a state with a hard throbbing sissy clitty and a mindlessness in my head. Well not completely mindless, i was unable to form my own thoughts but my mind was filled all over with thoughts of Her and how to please and obey Her. 126 palabras más

Domina Shelle