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Solo Son Palabras...Life Through Another's Eyes...and Words

We all deal with the struggle of having to see ourselves through another’s eyes:  our mothers, fathers, family, significant others, children, boss, friends, you name it.   1.179 palabras más

Y Ahora Que?

The Power of 'NO'

I’ve written on this subject before so that means that I still needed some work on the word ‘no’.  So many times, when I have said ‘no’, I was afraid. 562 palabras más

Y Ahora Que?

The Perfect Day For A Perfect Day

A perfect day for me is one that I haven’t had in a long while.

To sleep until I wake up.  To stay in my pj’s all day.   474 palabras más

Y Ahora Que?

April Writing Challenge Day 7: Tattoo You

Never my thing I must confess.  I associated tattoos as something that folks do in a borrachera or pendejada one night and then wake up regretting it!   823 palabras más


April Writing Challenge, Day 3: First Love, First Kiss

April Writing Challenge, Day 3
Your first love…Your first kiss…

It’s not that I’ve ever been against love, I just had too many things that I wanted to do with my life that it never was one of my priorities. 381 palabras más