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Mizon | Returning Starfish Cream

The breakout product from Korean skincare in 2014 was definitely starfish essence. Like snail mucin before it, the industry is marketing this substance as a way for human skin to experience the regenerative and healing properties of the animals it’s extracted from. 539 palabras más


The Magic of Snails on Your Face


Adorable little mucousy animals found in a variety of habitats worldwide.

Besides being famously gourmet, did you know that snails are also incredibly good for your skin? 1.284 palabras más


Asian Beauty Haul: COSRX, Missha and Mizon

In my search for a cheaper dupe for the SK II Facial Treatment Essence, I discovered a whole new world of beauty. I never gave much attention to Asian brands before, although I have tried some and liked most of them. 270 palabras más


Lost in Translation: Good Night Wha...?

Special Therapy Good Night White Sleeping Mask

Okay, so far so good.


White as the snow comes onto your skin | Your ultimate skin and the purest skin will come true… 49 palabras más


Hashtag brrr windchill.

It’s so cold today that I ventured outside to get firewood like the pioneer woman I am not, and feared my eyeballs would freeze.  Whilst I do live in an actual house with actual heating Mr Sibs and I are big fans of our wood stove which is just as well as the heating oil company let us down on a delivery on the coldest night of a year that has broken all records for coldness. 772 palabras más


Review: Mizon Witch Hazel 90% Toner

After so much success with my Benton toner I was really hesitant to try anything new in case it messed up so many months of skin improvement. 660 palabras más


February 3B Box

It’s my favorite time of the month again! My 3B Box is here. This is definitely my favorite box right now. They keep exceeding my expectations every month and I’m so glad I signed up before they had to start a wait list. 606 palabras más

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