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October empties!

I’ve posted several empties on the Instagram but just realised that I haven’t done that regularly for the blog. Especially considering that #missionempties was a big part of my skincare routine couple of weeks back. 355 palabras más


De-stash & Trash Skin Care - October 2015

Today’s D&T is brought to you by all the things you’ve seen before in these posts!

The Simple wipes are the only ones so far that don’t hurt my face; I like their micellar water better than Bioderma; I love Garden Girl skin care but Bright Idea is so thick I have to cut it with some oil; I used up bottles of acetone and non; and finally, I switched out my Clarisonic brush. 308 palabras más

Product Reviews

Package from Kosmeshop! + Cute Character Socks review!

Since i just did a post of the Cosrx Natural BHA Skin returning A-sol, i thought i might as well just show you the rest of the package i received from… 360 palabras más

Let's Talk "Snail Goo" + Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream Review

This is going down as a classic in my books. The love for snail slime has just been too real for too long among Korean skincare addicts, and I simply had to have my own experience down just for the record. 1.800 palabras más


Your Skincare Decoded

With their endless list of scary looking ingredients (I don’t know about you but the word ‘acid’ sounds pretty terrifying to me!), attempting to decode our skincare can take us right back to being 16 years old, sat in a GCSE chemistry exam. 824 palabras más


Review: Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

Snails. They have wreaked so much havoc in the K-Beauty world. Why havoc? BECAUSE THEIR SECRETION IS FREAKIN AMAZING AND IT HEALS YOUR SKIN AND MAKES IT AMAZING AF but also YMMV hehe! 2.172 palabras más



So anything followed by ampoule, essence or lotion most often than not refers to layers of moisturisation you can add before you use your standard moisturizer. 515 palabras más