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Oily/Acne Skin Saviors?

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I was browsing ebay as I usually do looking for k-beauty products that I have yet to try. I’ve been using MIZON Essence that I love, and I came across two products from this brand that piqued my interest. 431 palabras más


February Weekly Update and Empties #3

Welcome back to my blog, if you’re not tired of my blabbering. This week was Valentine’s week, however I didn’t celebrate as my marriage is basically finished but I had a great week with my little Valentines (children) as they had midterm holiday. 441 palabras más

February Weekly Update #2

While I wouldn’t have almost any empties last week if not for the make up declutter and some sheet mask, this week I finished up some body care. 642 palabras más

Small Look Fantastic Shop.

My favourite thing about pay day is, of course, treating myself! is my number one obsession. Each month ill drop anywhere between £30 and £150 on some new skin treats. 248 palabras más


A Handful of K-Beauty Masks

A few months ago, I hauled quite a lot of beauty products which included a total of five sheet mask singles hence the title. Today, I am back to give you my mini reviews of them. 1.109 palabras más

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All Things Snail

When I first got into K-beauty years ago, I didn’t know anything about ingredients. I just tried different brands and stuck to what worked for me. 177 palabras más

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Mizon Dust Clean Up Deep Cleansing Mask Review


I feel like my face is reborn after using this one.


My skin feels very sensitive after use, almost on the verge of breaking out. 220 palabras más