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February Beauty Favorites: From Tigers to Snails

It’s been a busy month of new beauty, a new job, and wrapping up the latest issue of Composure (my last — sob). But in the middle of what should have been a calm, post-holiday month, I’ve been testing products like crazy, which may account for the sudden itchiness I feel around my jawline. 698 palabras más


Mizon Sugar Scrub and Nature Republic Watery Cream Review

As my first review I’d like to start with two products in my current skincare routine.

The first of the two is Mizon’s Honey Black Sugar Scrub… 495 palabras más


Review: Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Watery Moisture Mask

Daily masking Sunday review: MIZON ENJOY VITAL-UP TIME

I bought this at US$0.92 to try out as I love moisture mask. I like the simple blue packaging. 161 palabras más


[something punny about acids] and a few bonus reviews

Yeah, I’m fucking terrible at titles.


So I was listening to the Snailcast about acids earlier, and it really made me reflect on the amount of actives I throw at my skin on the regular now. 1.037 palabras más


Lendir Siput Dalam Skincare

Lendir Siput? Apaan tuh?

Menurut info yang Aku baca di Sociolla disini, Manfaat lendir siput untuk kecantikan sebenarnya telah diketahui sejak lama oleh bangsa Yunani kuno. 668 palabras más

Beauty Corner

Current Winter Skincare Routine!

Hi all, today I’m bring you my current skincare routine! I’m kind of tired of doing just review blogs, so I thought this would be a fun way to change it up a bit. 540 palabras más

Rants And Raves