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I'm Revamping my Skincare Routine - Here's What I'm Buying and Why

So I’ve already written quite a few posts about skincare, covering basics like hydration and going into depth about certain ingredients. This being said, my skin has reached a turning point and is now getting worse with my old routine. 1.614 palabras más


2 Weeks of Using Eye Cream - A Review

So before I began my skincare journey, I was only using moisturizer and applying it on my face once a day.  I know what you’re probably thinking, “how barbaric”.  193 palabras más


Our Travel Skincare Complete

So these are all the skincare products we’re going to use on our upcoming trip (I’ve also included hair oil in the picture for me).  I still have some face masks coming in, but this is pretty much it.  78 palabras más


Beauty / Skincare Haul

I purchased these items last week on Amazon and they got to my door this morning.  I bought a new blusher just so I have two with one dedicated for traveling only.  97 palabras más


Finding Travel Size Skincare Products

So my husband and I are planning to go on vacation in 3 weeks.  It’s not international.  It’s going to be state-side and only a 3 hour flight away.  233 palabras más


New Eye Cream by Mizon

My new eye cream by Mizon just came in today!  I had ordered the orchid Innisfree one a few weeks ago because it came highly recommended but unfortunately is taking forever to get to me.  20 palabras más


REVIEW [Mizon] Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream

Today’s quick review is on Mizon’s Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream. I’ve just finished the tube after purchasing it from RoseRoseShop not so long ago. I thought I’d go for something new, relatively affordable and the cream’s ingredients drew my attention- it is supposed to contain 30% of Hyaluronic Acid- the ingredient that keeps the skin moisturized. 479 palabras más