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On Depth And Reach: Digital and Mobile Marketing in Malawi

I am currently in Malawi, that little sliver of a country nestled between Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. Therefore, I thought I’d write a series of short(ish) pieces on how I perceive the marketing space in Malawi. 439 palabras más

Smart Marketing For Smartphone Users

There’s a possibility you are viewing this blog on your smartphone, something that would be impossible for most only a decade ago. The rate at which smartphones have taken off and become apart of most people’s everyday life is incredible. 287 palabras más

Digital Marketing

3/3 Mobile Marketing

It’s pretty obvious to me that the days of the desktop computer are limited. Sure they will still find a use in office situations, but personal computing is shifting towards a purely mobile landscape. 383 palabras más


Mobile Marketing: Why You Need It?

Mobile marketing is the next big thing. Ever since the internet came out, people have been able to communicate and interact with one another at real time. 1.007 palabras más

Digital Marketing

Mobile Marketing Trends and Opportunities

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Consumers are rapidly adopting mobile devices and the habit of using multiple screens at once. With the increased presence of screens in our homes (TVs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets) comes the increased use of those screens. 917 palabras más

The Newest M&M: Mobile Marketing

The day I received my first cell phone was a magical day…not really day because it was a prepaid brick phone and it was only to be used in emergencies.   659 palabras más

Is Mobile Marketing Really Going to Last?

Isn’t it the worst when you are linked to a website, or you go to visit a website that you looked up through some sort of search engine, and then when you get there, it sucks. 1.178 palabras más