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Money, People, Time & Technology

Each time we decide to achieve a new project in business, it requires resources. Here at Accubase, we define resources as Money, People, Time and Technology (MPTT). 584 palabras más

Advertising Agency

Billboards Can Tell Consumers' Patterns

Do you ever feel like you are being watched, even when driving down the road? Well, there is a strong likelihood that yes, you are being watched… by the billboards your car passes on your morning commute. 253 palabras más

Classroom Activities

Digital Marketing – Niche for development of Small Business firms

Gone are the days when people had to investigate different resources for a problem. Today when everybody is engrossed with smart phones and tabs, finding answer to most of the questions has become a piece of cake. 533 palabras más

Brand Building

SMS Mobile Marketing: Car Dealership

Brief case study regarding a car dealership that used an innovate SMS Mobile Marketing approach to attract business.

The car dealership sends reminders that cars are due a NCT (National Car Test) along with a quoted price for NCT pre-check. 47 palabras más


Paying Attention: A New Metric for Advertising on Mobile

Since the demise of newspaper’s great hegemonic grip on advertising, news media minds have been banging their big brains together, trying to come up with ways that not only monetize their content, but also generate some of the sweet ad revenue they used to have the luxury of enjoying. 766 palabras más

Five Ultimate Digital Marketing Trends

Now marketers start following latest digital marketing trends with SEO techniques because it works great in the higher competition. The intelligent business man started investing in digital marketing, no matters they have small or high scale business. 73 palabras más