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Five Local Mobile Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs To Be Using

Not every business has the advantage of a national customer base. Online businesses that don’t rely on geographic location don’t have to worry too much about the location of the customer. 445 palabras más

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5 Reasons You Should be Starting SMS Marketing This Holiday Season!

Considering that the new iphone X is $1000 and people are gobbling it up or have plans to as soon as they are eligible for an upgrade, as a business owner it is really time to consider the best way to reach customers per their mobile device. 610 palabras más

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How my time at Salford Business School prepares me for a career in digital marketing in the power and energy industry

After 15 years being in the corporate world, I’ve decided it’s time to take the plunge towards the next step in further education.

I had majored in… 365 palabras más

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Ten mistakes brands make when developing a mobile app

By the end of 2017, the global app market is expected to reach $77 billion. Once a mobile strategy only the major brands employed, now many small businesses are benefitting from developing their own mobile app. 858 palabras más

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The Evolution of Non-Organic Traffic

Remember the good old days? When you wanted to boost your organic traffic, so you embarked upon a UA campaign, knowing that you could rely on the organic multiplier to then increase your reach 1.5x or even 2x on a good day? 595 palabras más

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Planning to make your business more mobile? Here’s what you should know

Making your website work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is not necessarily what you call as “making your business mobile”.  The concrete definition of “making your business mobile’ is when your customers can easily access your products and services or when you can reach your customers easily or when you can do business from anywhere in the world. 494 palabras más

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Mobilizing the Future of Marketing

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The world is at the cusp of a revolutionary transition and marketers must stay on their toes to keep up with these rapidly changing trends. 761 palabras más