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A Guide to which 'Story' is Right for You

First was Snapchat, Instagram followed and finally, Facebook joined in. Each platform of social media has been taken over by micro-storytelling.

Snapchat’s defining feature is its disappearing photos that can be shared publicly, with your followers, or to an individual friend through stories. 747 palabras más

New Media Marketing

The three biggest mobile marketing mistakes your small business can make

Mobile is the future of advertising. With more than three-quarters of American now owning smartphones, it’s become the most effective way for businesses to communicate with and market to their audience. 395 palabras más

Mobile Marketing

When Will Chatbots be Able to Pass the Turing Test?

Alan Turing was a renowned computer scientist and mathematician and a pioneer of artificial intelligence and machine learning research. It was Turing who proposed a test for distinguishing between “true” artificial intelligence and the machines that can kind of replicate it. 435 palabras más

Mobile Marketing

How to grow and retain your SMS marketing opt-ins

SMS is a unique marketing channel in that every single person you reach out to via that channel must first give their express permission for you to do so. 496 palabras más


E-Mail Continues to Prove Its Effectiveness to Reach Prospects...Learn How

According to a June 22, 2017, article in Entrepreneur, the first marketing e-mail was sent nearly 40 years ago by a marketer named Gary Thuerk from Digital Equipment Corporation. 276 palabras más

Lead Generation

Weve Source: The Art and Science of Mobile Engagement

There is always something to compare in advertising. Content vs context, data vs creativity, technology vs humanity. All the conversations start off with one question: who will win? 764 palabras más

Thought Leadership

Six Secrets to a Successful Mobile Marketing

By providing consumers personalized information and promoting products and services directly to their phones, mobile marketing is a great resource for brands big and small. 229 palabras más