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How to Use Touchpoint Mapping to Improve Customer Experiences

 I came across this article by my colleagues at Spectrio and wanted to share it with you. As a brand, you should have influence over each interaction a customer has with your business. 957 palabras más

Lead Generation

Social Media Strategy Prerequisites

I created this presentation in advance of teaching social media marketing strategy because I felt it important to emphasize to students that you don’t just jump into a social media strategy. 114 palabras más

Mobile Marketing

Growing with Eagerness and Excitement

The Center for Rural Enterprise Engagement is thrilled to welcome Deanna Reid, agricultural education and communications graduate student. Her research, funded by the Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program Grant, focuses on consumer perceptions of produce and plants via Facebook. 507 palabras más

New Media Marketing

Tips for improving your business’s content marketing strategy

According to a recent survey, 82% of people said they developed a positive opinion of a company after reading content that was created by them. Furthermore, 70% said they prefer to learn about companies through blogs and articles as opposed to advertisements. 693 palabras más

Mobile Marketing

Which criteria to use when selecting mobile marketing tools and channels

In the smartphone era, a strong mobile marketing campaign is crucial to the success of every business no matter how big or small. But putting together that mobile strategy is easier said than done. 631 palabras más


Digital Marketing on Mobile

Today, we are living in a mobile-centric world, an era of digitalization. The urge to connect with others is what gave rise to social networking and digital marketing. 290 palabras más

Digital Marketing

How Has the Sales Cycle Changed?

Social media and content marketing have dramatically changed the sales process over the past 10+ years. In the “Mad Men” days, sales people acted as the gateway to a company’s information. 316 palabras más

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