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Introducing mobile social media

Mobile devices have definitely come a long way.  From the big bricks to your trusty old Nokia 3315 (remember the Snake game?!), to flip phones to the first colour screen and eventually we have ended up with the latest smartphones from giants such as Apple, Samsung and Sony. 461 palabras más

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Get Twitter Followers to Generate Web Traffic

Today’s digital world proves to be a dynamic platform for modern businesses that capitalize on advanced technologies and solutions available. This includes social media networks such as Twitter where Twitter marketing is becoming popular amongst business entities in all industries to attract web traffic. 968 palabras más

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Loca Mobile released an article on February 26, 2015 that describes how Apple Pay and virtual wallets could represent the future of mobile search (re)targeting. 370 palabras más

Apple Pay

Mobile Marketing with QR codes

Mobile Marketing using QR codes have been around for a while now. We have all seen QR Codes pretty much everywhere we go, being used by large corporations to mom and pop small businesses. 560 palabras más

Major TV networks support new app that lets users cut #video clips with their iPhones (Mashable)

Comedy Central’s upcoming roast of Justin Bieber, led by comedian Kevin Hart, will inevitably fill social media with clips of the greatest — and perhaps meanest — jokes made at the baby-faced pop star’s expense. 37 palabras más

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Tips to Growing as an Online Mobile Marketplace

Online marketplaces are the fastest growing and most innovative trends out there. Creating a mobile marketplace has even more potential to impact established markets because “the smartphone amplifies these opportunities, as the Internet’s connective tissue now extends deeper and deeper into an industry with the participants connected to the marketplace 24×7,” says Bill Gurley at Benchmark Capital. 28 palabras más

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