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How to get Your Mobile Marketing to Perform

We all know that mobile devices have become the preferred media for prospects looking to buy. Given this, it’s important you have a mobile marketing plan that is responsive to this fact so you can effectively reach your prospects where they are. 434 palabras más

Lead Generation

Leo's Daily Advertising Tip - On Mobile Marketing

Many speak about a mobile first strategy as the wave of the future, but there are too many other devices. A cross-channel strategy is most valuable.

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Mobile Marketing

Task 1

Mobile Advertising:  targets users according to specified demographics. Mobile networks identify related mobile profiles, preferences, and displays corresponding advertisements when consumers download and uses data services like games, applications (apps) or ring tones. 728 palabras más

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Techniques:


Mobile Advertising is “Mobile marketing is an extension of Internet marketing, dependent largely on a form of permission-based marketing”.  A good example from a brand that uses this technique is… 611 palabras más


Pizza hut - Google Trends

Keyword Research

Pizza Hut Google Trends:

Initially we looked at keywords such as ‘Pizza’, ‘Pizza hut’ and ‘Domino’s’. Upon searching we found that a lot of people across the UK in the past 13 months had searched these terms and they were searching them frequently. 158 palabras más


Unique Mobile App Marketing Tips to get your App Noticed

It’s tough to get your mobile app noticed among the millions of apps that have seeped into the App Store. Mobile app developers are under tremendous pressure to devise new and relevant apps that stand out from the crowd and even resort to new mobile app marketing techniques to promote their apps better than ever before. 834 palabras más

Mobile App Marketing

How Web Push Notifications can help drive sales and marketing ROI for e-commerce

Guest post by Shiju Mathew

The beauty of web push notifications is that you can send them to users’ desktops or other devices even when the website is not open on their browser. 626 palabras más