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The Secret of Uber’s Success: The Application of Mobile Marketing Does Matter


As the mobile statistics in Australia from IAB Australia (2015) showed, the total time spent on smart devices, the number of smartphone and tablet owner and internet surfing trends are steadily, continually increasing. 421 palabras más

Making customer Service More Important

You probably already know that customer service is essential to a successful business model. However, most businesses don’t make it a priority. The problem is that customer service ties into all the other parts of your business including sales and marketing. 391 palabras más

Mobile Marketing

Bloglette: Twelve Hours a Day with Media

A new report from eMarketer finds that people are spending lots of times with screens – about half their day.  The study examined media time including multitasking – as when people watch tv and tweet on their phones or shop on their tablets.  64 palabras más


Mavin says it can improve app engagement by making marketers more timely

As mobile developers and publishers wrestle with how to keep users engaged with their apps, Mavin co-founder and CEO Shailesh Nalawadi said it’s time for new strategies. 261 palabras más



what’s the social media platform that has an enormous amount of users?And are unused by several digital marketing agencies? How can we use their affordable marketing tool? 477 palabras más

QR code in digital marketing

"QR Code + Mobile Website = Good Marketing"
7 awesome QR code marketing campaigns (Millward, 2014).

QR codes act as an efficient linkage between online and offline in this digital marketing age. 332 palabras más

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Competition in the Marketplace – Jeff Provost

Jeff Provost is the Executive Director at the Exhibitor Designers & Producers Association (EDPA) and the founder of PRO Management, LLC., an association management company headquartered in Westport, CT. 610 palabras más