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Where to start your digital marketing journey

What do the big companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Microsoft have in common apart from great products and services? They had an outstanding digital marketing strategy which got them to the top of the ladder and was able to maintain growth year on year. 3.084 palabras más

5 New Facebook Features You Should Know About

 Facebook has made some big announcements lately that are expected to boost this platform’s usefulness for those looking to use Facebook as a tool to connect with prospects. 352 palabras más

General Business

Growing expectations in customer service

If you are trying to build up your business, you should be looking at your customer service. It is one department that is often ignored. Yet, it is also the department that has the most interaction with your customers. 491 palabras más

Mobile Marketing

Optimize your mobile marketing efforts

Smartphones have amazing capabilities. With that small device in your pocket, you can contact nearly anyone in the entire world in just seconds, and you have all the information in the world available at your fingertips. 507 palabras más

Text Marketing

Mobile marketing strategy ideas

Every marketer knows that mobile marketing is essential to reaching customers in this day and age. Technology is everywhere, and this is mostly due to accessibility with smartphones. 448 palabras más


Leo's Daily Advertising Tip on Mobile Marketing

Mobile is hot but half or more still prefer purchasing on a desktop for larger pix and perceived greater privacy. #mobilemonday


Become a Successful SMS Reseller

With the advancement of technology, SMS is well known as the famous marketing tool and is getting familiar. People in business, avoid using bulk email service and give preference to SMS. 382 palabras más

Bulk SMS