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Block 5 #quiltandshine Quilt-along...


Today I want to share with you Block 5 of the #quiltandshine quilt-along, hosted by myself and Dawn @dawn_honeybeecloths

Block 5 is all about seeing stars… using prairie points to create this beautiful star. 101 palabras más

Which friend from 'Friends' are you?

The 25th anniversary of the Friends premiere is fast approaching, and our nostalgia for the hours spent with the gang is at an all-time high. But which of these six BFF New Yorkers is most like you? 62 palabras más


How the 'Friends' episode with Ross' London wedding 'reinvigorated the show'

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Beauty Buys #4 | September 2019

WOW! I haven’t done one of these posts since November of last year. Usually, I don’t buy many items I pick on my own because I get enough from… 995 palabras más


How the 'Friends' costume designer created each character’s style

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