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Le Corbusier's Modulor

Modulor was architect Le Corbusier’s scale of proportions he designed based on the height of a man with his arm raised.  He worked out the mathematical scales of various points on the human body, and scaled those proportions up, in relation to architecture and the proportions of space. 68 palabras más

Mini Haul - Modulor , SWWSW, Werkhaus

Hey guys,

blogpost incoming, this time a haul. Sorry to disappoint but it’s not gonna be a fashion
haul. Like I already mentioned in my last post , I wanted to visit Modulor again. 492 palabras más


A night out in Kreuzberg

Why hello there guys,

long time no see! It’s me Celestes and I’m (finally) writing a new blogpost. I’m sorry for my absence, but I had a lot to do the last two weeks. 540 palabras más


2 Days in Berlin

Hey DIYers,

Last weekend, Marine escaped from Brussels, the time to update her Berlin list of good finds and change of scenery. Since the summer isn’t over yet, since we still have a few weekends to travel in front of us and some time to enjoy the warm weather and the summer atmosphere, we propose to (re)discover the German capital. 448 palabras más