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Torero's Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Foodie synchronicity is running hot in my house right now… What started out as just a little venture out to find something new for dinner turned into a super cool evening at Torero’s. 810 palabras más


Salsa Arriero con Ajo (Mule Driver's Salsa with Garlic)

This is a traditional Mexican salsa recipe that can be quite spicy. You can blister the serrano chilis and onion on a cast-iron comal or fire them over wood coals. 253 palabras más


Blue Corn Tacos and how I got my Mexican mojo!

Blue Corn Tacos are my new ‘thing’!

I have always LOVED Mexican cuisine. The bold flavours, spicy -tangy hit, and vibrant colours of the dishes that make up Mexican food always appealed to me more than any other international food. 664 palabras más


Count the Cliches

At the EXPO New Mexico Flea Market, I saw a tent with a tightly packed display of ceramic items ranging from Catholic religious figurines, to pigs, to bakeware ovenware; all made in Mexico. 15 palabras más


Mocha-choca-lata Ya Ya (Molcajete)

HOLY SMOKES, This dish drives me wild!

Molcajete or as I call it the hot pot of Mocha-choca-lata Ya Ya!

The best way I can describe it is a melding vessel of beef, chicken, chorrizo and cactus in a thick bubbling, smokey, savory sauce only a native south american can craft. 42 palabras más


Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

Update:  If you haven’t been over to Emily’s “Cooking For Kishore” you should really go give her a visit.  Her very tasty looking, interesting recipes and the stories behind are always well presented and her food, whether traditional or fusion in style, reflects her multi-cultural life experience.  1.103 palabras más


Salsa de Chile Pequin

I have these dried chile pequins that have been  around in my kitchen for awhile now.  They are usually a cook’s third choice after the more popular and accessible serrano or jalapeno peppers when making a salsa ranchera or salsa verde for example.  702 palabras más