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Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

Have you seen “The War of the Worlds”,   the original 1953 “Golden Era” of sci-fi movies version?  It’s a big budget, Technicolor film that was quite a hit during it’s day.  789 palabras más


Salsa de Chile Pequin

I have these dried chile pequins that have been  around in my kitchen for awhile now.  They are usually a cook’s third choice after the more popular and accessible serrano or jalapeno peppers when making a salsa ranchera or salsa verde for example.  702 palabras más


Petits Fours

Making guacamole in my new molcajete: 2 avocados, half a roma tomato, small onion wedge, lime juice, cilantro and garlic salt. If prepping for guests, keep the pit handy to help keep the avocados from browning too quickly. 36 palabras más


Recipe: Molcajete Green Chile

Hello, here is a super spicy green chili or chile. This is more adult-friendly, but you will catch my 4 year old dip her chips in this one and run to drink water, so you never know. 452 palabras más


Salsa | Chile

Easy salsa recipe passed down from my mother and approved by my traditional Mexican father.


  • 8-10 Serrano Peppers or 2-5 Jalepeño’s (Your choice depending on how hot you want your salsa to be.)
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Win a Casa Maria Molcajete!

Congratulations to Angie Edwards-Hamilton! 

This large molcajete (Mortar & Pestle) measures 4 1/2-inches high by 8 1/2-inches wide, with a 4-cup capacity. This will be a perfect addition to your kitchen equipment. 51 palabras más


¿Hablamos de salsas? Entonces el molcajete tiene mucho que decir

Que uno de los aspectos que caracterizan la gastronomía de México son las diversas salsas no es nuevo, tampoco el hecho de que le aportan un colorido especial a los platos. 472 palabras más

Salsa Roja