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Chips and Dip!

Learn how to make a salsa de molcajete! This is a really good way to make salsa, and super easy too! I would personally rate this salsa a 6/10, if you would like it to be spicier then add more chile. 133 palabras más

Mexican Food

11 / 365 Molcajete on the Corner Cutting Board

This molcajete is a mortar-and-pestle from Mexico.  Made out of lava, it stands on three legs, weighs a ton, can scratch the hardest surfaces, and is indispensable in the kitchen.


To Tamale or Not To Tamale... That is the Question

Once a year I get this harebrained idea (which I believe stems from my upbringing) that urges me to spend two 19-hour days back to back, standing in a hot kitchen, working with argumentative ingredients that ultimately result in a severe backache and the euphoria that comes from eating a homemade tamale with a hot cup of coffee. 976 palabras más

From The Kitchen

Recettes véganes au mortier - Cheesecake au citron vert

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Un dessert au tempeh !!!
Doit être laissé à température ambiante, et dégusté dans la demi heure, ou l’heure qui suit, sinon le goût du tempeh peut redevenir plus fort que celui du citron vert 🙂 14 palabras más

Vegetarian mortar recipe - Lime Cheesecake

A tasty dessert made with tempeh!!!
Needs to be left on the counter and eaten within 60 minutes, otherwise the taste of the tempeh – if strong – can kick back in 🙂 9 palabras más

How to Season a Molcajete

Last week we received our shipment of assorted Pig Molcajetes from Mexico and they have been flying off the shelf! Well, I actually haven’t seen any of the pigs fly, but they’ve been very popular thus far and I think we’re going to have a hard time keeping them stocked! 431 palabras más


Salsa Cruda

Salsa cruda is red, white and green, just like a Mexican flag.

 In a molcajete grind

  • three serrano chiles (minus seeds)
  • two cloves of garlic…
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Mexican Food