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On Modes of Selection

Take as two examples Hegel and Nietzsche:

1) Hegel’s method: to establish an Absolute as already given, and the moments preceding its actualization as fragmented worlds engendered by the Absolute, but which will ultimately transcend their differences, and be sublated into an ultimate Unity. 303 palabras más

April 2019

Photosynthesis Continues to Amaze

The ability plants possess
By Frank Sherwin

One of the most complex biochemical processes in God’s creation is the ability plants possess to take in carbon dioxide and water and, with the aid of sunlight, turn it into energy-rich sugars. 330 palabras más


A series of haiku (sci-ku) about African trypanosomes


African trypanosomes alter their surface coat (VSG-switching) to evade detection by the host’s immune system

enshrouded by a
mosaic coat limitless
in variation

#2… 148 palabras más


a universe there in your brain

would you, could you will you fly?
your spirit indeed
shall arise
your matter drawn final someday to the
bosom of Earth

how far you continue… 169 palabras más


Το πρόβλημα της οριοθέτησης

Φαντάσου ότι τρως ένα αχλάδι. Μοιάζει με ένα πολύ απλό “συμβάν”: εσύ, το υποκείμενο, τρως, το ρήμα, ένα αχλάδι, το αντικείμενο. Υπάρχουν δύο πράγματα, εσύ και το αχλάδι – και χάρη στους νόμους της σύνταξης, το ρήμα «τρώω» μας λέει άμεσα ποιος υπαγορεύει τη σχέση. 622 palabras más

Gilles Deleuze

Antioxidants - should you believe the hype?

“High in antioxidants” is a label slapped on all variety of
health foods, from green tea to the tiny packet of Goji berries at your local high-end… 1.354 palabras más


Water. Such a basic, yet fundamental and intriguing element. Since the dawn of times, many civilizations, humans, prayed and expressed their gratitude for this Source of Life. 1.447 palabras más

Life Knowledge