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Aims & Scope - Current Neurovascular Research

Aims & Scope:

Current Neurovascular Research provides a cross platform for the publication of scientifically rigorous research that addresses disease mechanisms of both neuronal and vascular origins in neuroscience. 81 palabras más

Bentham Science Publishers

Sky-Colored Foundry

The somewhat-reflective panels on the planar faces of Berkeley Lab’s Molecular Foundry make the pallet for the Bay Area’s winter colors.


Could a Scientist Solve your Problem? If you need a synchrotron, this could be the place for you.

If you have  a problem that only a person in a lab coat can solve, then think about taking a hike out to Mulgrave on 31 October. 249 palabras más


Molecular Diagnostics Market:USD 30 Billion Opportunity

Molecular Diagnostics has emerged as one of the largest and fastest growing segment in the IVD industry. It is the most dynamic and transformative areas of diagnostics, leading to advances in research and treatment that are revolutionizing healthcare across a wide range of diseases and health conditions and has been driven by accuracy, high sensitivity, fast turnaround time, easy workflow, and cost–effective testing. 630 palabras más


I want to rebut Randi on TED Talks re: homeopathy

Explaining in classical terms how the solute’s electron does not dilute out .

Here is Randi’s ignorant TED talk on homeopathy

The Cell / La cellule

The Cell
Life as we know it arose from exotic chemistry in the element-rich environments of the young planet Earth almost four billion years ago. If life exists elsewhere, it might look so strange that we wouldn’t recognize it. 736 palabras más


The BIG Lab Move


The Department of Sport, Exercise and Life Sciences Lecturer in Molecular Bioscience, Dr Alex Woodacre, talks about the recent lab move from Park campus to Waterside. 496 palabras más

Human Biosciences