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Reason is not what decides love. – Moliere


I Won’t Back Down

When I have the blues, I often turn to songs or to Google (where I search and read poems or quotes). But not all songs/poems/quotes can help in dispelling the gloom. 428 palabras más


The Doctor in Spite of Himself @ Drayton Arms Theatre

Translating French-language plays into English, international theatre company Exchange Theatre’s new show The Doctor in Spite of Himself is an adaptation of Molière’s rarely-performed farce. Presented as part of the Bastille Festival 2016, which includes a series of workshops and French performances, the play is performed in English and in French on alternate nights. 496 palabras más

Molière's "George Dandin"

George Dandin ou le Mari confondu (George Dandin or the Abashed Husband) is one of Molière‘s enigmatic plays. It was first performed on 18 July 1668, 2.494 palabras más


Quote • RANJIT BOLT • Kudos for Playwrights

“Because they’re French, writers often acquire a kudos denied our own dramatists. We don’t call Sheridan ‘maître’ but he was a major genius, in another league from Molière. 101 palabras más


Destiny in "L'École des femmes"

La Critique de l’École des femmes

When L’École des femmes was first performed, on 26 December 1662, it created a controversy, which Molière addressed by writing a one-act play in prose entitled… 2.266 palabras más