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Recurrence in Molière: Le Dépit amoureux

Recurrence: Le Dépit amoureux

There is recurrence in Molière’s plays. In fact, my colleague James Gaines has published The Molière Encyclopedia. I have yet to read or purchase this book, but I suspect Dr Gaines, whom I met a long time ago, has listed the many… 1.899 palabras más


Lysandre, a "jeune premier" in Molière

Lysandre by Edmond Geffroy

Lysandre, a jeune premier (a leading man) in Molière’s theatre. His name recurs as do other names, such as Clitandre, Valère. 170 palabras más

Commedia Dell'arte

Moliere pikakelauksella

Olen viimeisen parin – kolmen viikon aikana lukenut 1600-luvulla eläneen ja vaikuttaneen komedioistaan tunnetun kirjoittajan Molieren näytelmiä. Luin Tartuffen, Oppineet naiset, Naisten koulun, Ihmisvihaajan ja Amphitryonin. 319 palabras más


Molière's "Tartuffe," a reading


MADAME PERNELLE, mother of Orgon
ORGON, husband of Elmire
ELMIRE, wife of Orgon
DAMIS, son of Orgon
MARIANE, daughter of Orgon, in love with Valère… 3.174 palabras más

French Literature

Don’t appear so scholarly, pray. Humanize your talk, and speak to be understood. – Moliere


Molière’s Enigmatic Comedies

Problematical Comedies

Dom Juan
Le Misanthrope

Molière wrote several enigmatic comedies, but Tartuffe, Dom Juan and Le Misanthrope are the better known. All three feature masks and … 12 palabras más


Casuistry, or how to sin without sinning


The Fragmentation of the Western Church

When Antonio Escobar y Mendoza (1589 – 4 July 1669) published his Summula casuum conscientiæ (1627), the handbook of casuistry, the Roman Church had been severely fragmented.  1.614 palabras más