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"Don Juan" by Molière

Molière’s version of Don Juan appeared in 1665, only thirty-five years after Tirso de Molina’s, but it seems to inhabit a quite different world. It seems a more civilised world, more refined; and Don Juan is no demonic force of nature here, as he had been in the earlier play – no… 1.644 palabras más


"The Trickster of Seville" by Tirso de Molina - the first Don Juan

The myth of Don Juan is possibly unique in that we may pinpoint precisely its origins: it’s a Spanish play, first published in 1630 but written much earlier – possibly as early as 1616, Wikipedia tells me – written by Catholic monk Tirso de Molina. 1.473 palabras más


"Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above / Don't fence me in"*...

The human urge to own land sometimes borders on the absurd… Do we have too many cities with too few people in them? (Answer: Yes!) But there’s an implicit question embedded in that notion of anti-NIMBY place-making, once posed by Leo Tolstoy: “How much land does a man need?”

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La nouvelle farce, les "Elections présidentielles au beau Royaume de France en l'an de grâce 2017" par Jean-Baptiste POQUELIN dit "MOLIERE", où comment les "Marchands de ce Siècle se payent votre tête !".

Un proche regardait “l’Avare” de MOLIERE, film réalisé par Jean GIRAULT et Louis De FUNES, acteur jouant lui-même le rôle principal de “Harpagon” “l’avare”, lorsque je reçus cette remarque : 3.297 palabras más

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On veut bien être méchant, mais on ne veut point être ridicule. People do not mind being wicked; but they object to being made ridiculous.