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Hello, Fellow Hypocrites! Tartuffe (1664), by Molière

This book is #31 on my Classics Club list. There’s also some spoilers below.

Molière was a French actor and playwright who was popular with the French aristocracy. 671 palabras más



frontispiece and title page from a 1688 edition of Le Bourgeois gentilhomme



In his comédie-ballet Le Bourgeois gentilhomme (literally The Bourgeois Gentleman – 1670), the French playwright and actor Molière (Jean-Baptiste Poquelin – 1622-73) invented the word… 1.002 palabras más



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Stratford Festival's "The Hypochondriac"

The Hypochondriac may have started a little later in Stratford’s season, but it was definitely worth the wait. A hilarious Restoration comedy which was just as relevant today as for Molière himself, The Hypochonriac is sure to tickle everyone’s funny bone! 629 palabras más


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Reseña: Le medecin malgré lui—Molière

“El médico a palos” o como es conocida por su título original “Le medecin malgré lui” es una de las piezas teatrales en las cuales Molière hace una crítica sobre los aspectos negativos de la medicina en sus tiempos. 340 palabras más

PRESS RELEASE: Moliere PMS - the truth behind Hipocrisy

The Egg Theater Co together with the PARC Foundation and Pineapple Lab presents Moliere PMS, a fusion of three Moliere play adaptations: Praning (The Imaginary Invalid), Maniacal (The Learned Ladies), and Schism (The Misanthrope) on October 1 & 2 at PARC Foundation, 494 Lt. 609 palabras más

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Do you feel like every twinge and tick is a sign of impending doom? Do you Wikipedia every little possible symptom, only to be convinced that you are going to die of an incredibly obscure disease? 714 palabras más