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Alceste, Hedda and Othello

Compare Hedda with #Alceste as individuals.
Then Hedda with #Othello as spouses, not married to each other! Just in their own marriages.
Think about the above for a week. 56 palabras más


This is the tenth in a series on Franklin’s moral improvement plan, the rest of the posts are available here.

MODERATION: Avoid extreams; forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve. 397 palabras más

American Beer

Observations of Dorine

Yes, grandmother and son alike have lost touch with the actual world happening right now.

Us scholars see clearly, but we ask ourselves how?

Before Tartuffe and Orgon became one in the same, 313 palabras más

The Passage Molière and its Sounds

BECAUSE IT’S NEVER HAD a roof, the Passage Molière doesn’t qualify as one of the surviving Parisian passages couverts, the covered passageways built mainly in the first half of the nineteenth century. 637 palabras más


Tartuffe: The Dance Remix

A EuroDance remix of Francoise Hardy’s VIP filled the Festival Theatre as the house opened for seating. This was, in many ways, the perfect invitation to this production of Tartuffe. 314 palabras más

Duncan T. Armstrong