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A chuva caiu sofregamente
sobre a cidade,
apareceu com ternura
molhou com carícia
foi provocação
depois paixão,
louca paixão…

Num acto arrebatador e único
penetrou-lhe em todos os poros… 68 palabras más


❀ Dirty Mind ❀

❀I’m Wearing ❀

Living with Loss

Hi again everyone, this blog primarily focuses on the things I do and enjoy to live a positive life. Unfortunately, a part of life is loss and something I have been experiencing an immense amount of lately. 420 palabras más

Can't I Have A Day Off?

hair | B89 by Dura
horns | Demon Horns by WitchCraft
glasses | Forever Young Glasses by MUDSKIN
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Bidik #5

Ini adalah salah satu foto yang diambil di satu sudut lain kawasan wisata yang sedang hits saat ini, yaitu Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. Benar-benar indah! Maha Benar Allah dengan segala ciptaanNya.


Momento by Yondi_

Momento for Accordion, violin, contrabass and piano
By Yondi

Moment is a moment.
What you think that is ‘Now’ is actually the past already. 45 palabras más


Birthday Smalls

Pam’s Pictorama Post: So, I have this odd habit – occasionally on my birthday, almost without realizing it and while hanging out with my husband (the ever-wonderful Kim Deitch) I tend to find a tiny item which I ask him to buy for me and which become a memento of the day. 1.466 palabras más