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Turtley-tastic volunteers

New experiences can mean meeting new people and meeting new people can mean hearing new stories and hearing new stories can make you think and feel differently and this may mean living a better and more meaningful life. 1.415 palabras más

Central America

Let's go to the beach, beach.

I’m nursing a cold at the moment. I find myself telling folks in town that it must be por el cambio del clima, having returned from five days on the black sands of Monterrico to the windy, chilly, brisk air of my site here in Chimaltenango. 225 palabras más

Peace Corps

Christmas on Fire!

It’s Christmas Eve and it doesn’t even feel like it!

I looked everywhere in Antigua for a Santa Claus hat. Whenever I asked people where I could find one, I was always directed to the main outdoor market. 1.204 palabras más


Baby Sea Turtles

The weekend of November 22, I was able to go to Monterrico, Guatemala to help release baby sea turtles. Ever since coming to Guatemala and talking with my friends who have seen them, I have wanted to participate myself. 1.138 palabras más


Ceviche on the Beach

Being part of two Thanksgivings and general work obligations kept me busy (not complaining!), but I’m hoping to put a good dent into my blogging backlog this week. 1.056 palabras más


The countdown is on

It’s an unfortunate truth that margaritas and macaroni and cheese don’t cure MS.

I continue to read book after book and article after article on MS. 336 palabras más

Multiple Sclerosis

Black Sand Beach

The hot black sand burnt the soles of my feet as I sprinted across it towards the water. I didn’t realize how much of a difference the color of sand could make. 405 palabras más