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East Moravia

After a day in Prague the group of travelers and I headed for East Moravia, the purpose of the trip to the Czech Republic. This is Moravia in all it´s colours, lines, bad weather and happiness. 21 palabras más


Policka - Our Spiritual Home

Now, the name Blansko may adorn the title of this blog but regular readers may well be aware that the heart of the Klobasa remains firmly in Policka. 461 palabras más


Mercedes Runs Out Of Fuel

So, the season has started and this week we have handed the writing duties over to Blansko resident, Wingy. Before you read it, be prepared – Wingster obviously woke up on the wrong side of Blansko this morning and it´s a bit on the negative side, but it does have a wonderfully happy ending… 442 palabras más