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Wooden Pilgrim Cross

Pendant carved and burned on mulberry tree. Based on an original cross pendant of  VIII-IX century AD from Moravia. On the rear side the verse in ancient greek “rüsai hemàs apò tu ponerù/ deliver us from evil” 38 palabras más


Juan Antonio Ponce

When I was 17 years old, I spent most of my time watching MTV and attempting to noodle my way through Jimmy Page guitar solos. When Juan Antonio Ponce was 17 years old, he was already a certified enologist. 237 palabras más


Napoleonic History in Moravia

By Linda Tancs

Bounded by Bohemia on the west and northwest, by Silesia on the northeast, by Slovakia on the east and by Lower Austria on the south, 128 palabras más


WWII Bunker

Significant Something #315 • 2 MINUTE READ
Moravia, Czech Republic •  April 25, 2014

Once upon a time while embarking on a spontaneous 450km bicycle adventure from Prague to Vienna, I sought immediate shelter from the rain in a WWII bunker. 232 palabras más


Luggage Race

Significant Something #1,061 • 1 MINUTE READ
Zábřeh, Czech Republic • February 7, 2016

Once upon a time I earned an honorary spectator medal for my presence at a luggage race.  125 palabras más


Owasco Lake

neighbors, Skaneateles and Cayuga, but for some reason just haven’t explored Owasco Lake yet. For this reason, much of what will be discussed in this post is information that I have found on the internet or with help of family and friends. 240 palabras más

Cộng hòa Czech: Sư tử 2 đuôi

Cộng hòa Czech thuộc khu vực Trung Âu và là nước không giáp biển, tên nước lấy từ tên dân tộc Czech. Vào thế kỷ 6, người Slav từ vùng Biển Đen di cư tới các vùng đất tại phía Nam như Bohemia, Moravia và một số vùng đất mà ngày nay thuộc về lãnh thổ nước… 2.099 palabras más