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Bohemia – Moravia – Silesia on the left side. Royal Coat of Arms on the top ones.


Cartwheeling through South Moravia

I took a long weekend to explore the southern part of the Czech Republic–Moravia, known for its warm weather, plentiful wines, and laid back culture. I went bowling, watched a kamikaze-like air show, got motion sick on an unbelievably scenic bus ride, cartwheeled around a chateau, and drank Moravian wine as the sun melted and softened everything in shades of honey and I forgot I was in central Europe for a little while. 119 palabras más

Czech Republic

Landscape | Magpie island

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the previous year in Moravia… 7 palabras más


Europa Diaries: Brno, Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic

(Part 2 of 3 in the Series for Czech Republic: Prague- Brno- Cesky Krumlov)

Brno or Brünn (in German) is the second biggest city in Czech Republic and is the cultural hub of Moravian region in the country. 1.327 palabras más


A weekend in a fairytale village in Northern Moravia, CZ

As there was an official long weekend in Czech Republic in the beginning of May, we decided to use these days and go away to explore another interesting area of the country. 808 palabras más