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My Nephew, Johnathan Frederick, and Vivian Helms, Wedding, 14 April 2018, Brownfield, Terry, Texas

Johnathan Frederick and Vivian Helms Frederick Wedding, April 14, 2018, Brownfield, Terry, Texas. Son of Karl Thomas Frederick and Frances Katherine (Aherne-Conroy) Frederick of Round Rock, Texas. 16 palabras más


Frozen vegetables and TV Dinners!

By Marietta Arce

December 19, 1963 is a day that changed my life forever.  It was the day
my mother, siblings, an uncle and I left Moravia, Costa Rica for New York, 355 palabras más


Chi sono i fratelli Rosselli?

Molte cose si potrebbero dire di loro, tutte sostanzialmente sconosciute al grande pubblico. Eredi legittimi della tradizione mazziniana. Insigni studiosi della traduzione dell’eredità risorgimentale nel nuovo secolo. 120 palabras más



Nothing defines who we are as individuals more than the essence of our natural mothers and fathers. We each come into this world preceded by one father, one mother and two grandfathers and two grandmothers who also influence our being. 1.744 palabras más

Relections On Life

My Paternal 2nd. Great Grandfather, Joseph "Joe" Frederick, Sr, Mala Lhota, Vsetin, Moravia

Green Fields of Moravia

Birth:  1849
Mala Lhota, Vsetin, Moravia

Czechoslovakia Death:  Apr. 3, 1913
Sulphur Springs
Hopkins County
Texas, USA
Husband of Anna “Annie” Malasek. 65 palabras más


2017: A look back at our top trips

As the year draws to a close and we hammer mince pie shaped nails in to 2017, we at TBK have decided to go over some highlights from what must have been our most “interesting” year yet. 481 palabras más