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4 January 2017

Today I took a picture of a freebie!


My Paternal Great Aunt, Hermina "Minnie" Kasparek Mazac

Joe Frank Mazac (back row, last on right), and wife Hermina “Minnie” Kasparek Mazac (front row, in front of him), c. 1914, Granger, Williamson County, Texas. 528 palabras más


My Paternal Great Uncle, Joseph "Joe"Frank Mazac

Joe Frank Mazac and his brother-in-law, Charlie F. Frederick, Granger, Williamson County, TX, 12 Oct. 1914. Charlie, was my paternal grandfather.

Birth: Sep. 1, 1891… 463 palabras más


My Paternal Great Grandfather, Jan "John"MAZAC

Jan & Marie MAZAC, Granger, Williamson County, Texas, 1904. (back row from left) Bessie, Rosalie, Jan, Albert, Robert (Rosalie was added to the family portrait) 907 palabras más


My Paternal Second Great Grandfather, Jiriho/Jiri "George" Mazac

Ondřej Koníček – Own work – 2005

My paternal second great grandfather, Jiriho or Jiri “George” Mazac.

Nationality: Moravian.

Born: 1823 Usti, Vsetin, Moravia.

Christened: 1879 Usti, Vsetin, Moravia. 384 palabras más


The 10 Commandments of Living in Moravia

In no particular order.

10. I am *hantec, thou shalt not have any other dialects before me.

9. Thou shalt take a shot of slivovice/Becherovka daily… 238 palabras más


The Moravian Wine Renaissance

The Moravian wine scene in the Czech Republic is an exciting region right now. Unique blends, styles and a melange of grapes to choose from, harking to a time when the Bohemian center of Europe could look all around it for its picks of vine stock and inspiration. 893 palabras más