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In Praise of Morbo from Futurama

A peripheral character from cult classic sci-fi series Futurama, Morbo is the most endearing intergalactic space overlord monster ever. Despite being resolute in his misanthropic discourse, throughout the show’s run he remains a dedicated and long-term presenter on the news channel Futurama’s protagonists tune in to. 308 palabras más

In Praise Of

A Big Piece of Garbage

No, that’s not a description of your beloved author of these fine articles about a 20 year old cartoon, it’s the title, silly! Who wants to learn about environmental conservationism?! 1.746 palabras más

Moenia - "Moenia" (1996)

Moenia is one of those bands who are in my collection but has never been a necessity to have all their music as a completist. Sadly, I don’t know why. 438 palabras más

Music Review