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Going in Style - When Grumpy Old Men pull an Italian Job

Written by Theodore Melfi

Directed by Zach Braff

Remakes are always hit or miss these days, but the classic capers seem to do the best. Movies like  413 palabras más


The shawshank redemption

When most of the people were going Gaga over Typical Bollywood movie Phillauri, I got to watch The Shawshank Redemption, just by chance. It all happened when I saw 1994 crime, Drama… 139 palabras más


Deep Impact (1998)

A story told from three personal perspectives: whiz-kid Leo Biederman discovers a comet, rising television-news star Jenny Lerner breaks the story of the comet, and astronaut Spurgeon Tanner attempts to destroy the comet. 485 palabras más


Morgan Freeman Response Post (due March 28)

Imagine being 50 years old before you were really taken serious in your profession. Consider knowing at an early age that you were called to do something, only to find that your path towards financial stability and success can be one filled with potholes, twisted roots, and a myriad of stumbling blocks. 306 palabras más

Morgan Freeman Films for Consideration

You may select any of the following Morgan Freeman films for evaluation using the guidelines we’ve put in place this semester.

Street Smart (1987)

Lean on Me… 68 palabras más

Trump’s Military Tiny Homes | Home Improvement Project. *Trump has given orders to do some home improvements to some military tiny homes. Taking care of our soldiers is certainly a great thing! Watch our latest video featuring celebrity impersonators for Morgan Freeman among others. 15 palabras más