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Argybargy is a fun word to say in your head with a Morgan Freeman voice. It’s also the title of Squeeze’s third studio album. Release in 1980, Argybargy (thanks, Mr. 53 palabras más


Road to Perdition

Back in the early 2000s, Bill and I went to see the film Road to Perdition at the movie theater. Very uncharacteristically, neither one of us knew the plot of the movie, knowing only that it starred one of our favorite film actors, Tom Hanks. 760 palabras más


Anatomy Lesson: “I am the master of my fate”

For those of you unaware, the Rugby World Cup 2015 is currently in full swing here in the UK.

As a former player and longtime fan of the sport, it seems to me that this means there’s no better time than the present to put a scene from Invictus, director Clint Eastwood’s film about the 1995 World Cup held in South Africa, under the microscope. 1.073 palabras más


Million Dollar Baby

Morning, y’all. I hope this Monday isn’t destroying you too harshly just yet. Today, I have Million Dollar Baby for you. This movie swept pretty hard at the 2005 Oscars/Golden Globes winning Best Pic/ Director/ Actress/ and Supporting Actor and I gotta say, those are pretty well deserved. 547 palabras más


Morgan Freeman does priceless 'Home Alone' impression

It’s official: Morgan Freeman’s iconic voice works in pretty much any situation.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the famous actor read lines from some iconic movie roles that you wouldn’t normally think to put with Freeman’s voice … and it’s beautiful. 56 palabras más


Den Verlust und das Vermächtnis auf die Waagschale legen


„Die Leute fragen mich, wie ich Musik mache. Ich sage ihnen, dass ich einfach hinein trete. Es ist wie in einen Fluss zu steigen und sich mit der Strömung zu verbinden.

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