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Umbrage in Umbria

In which Diane Lane

plays an American woman

recovering from the pain

of a recent divorce.

Sandra Oh will feature

As her quirky  sidekick,

Tonto to Diane’s Lone Ranger. 140 palabras más


Vanity thought #1723. God learns about what he had done

For some reason “Creation” episode is not on National Geographic site but you can still “explore” it’s content. I don’t know if anyone bothers to click on all the sliding tabs that appear there but there are links to full sized articles on each particular topic which sometimes contain more information than was presented in the show itself. 1.013 palabras más


Morgan Freeman, Tom Brady and Emily enjoy some soulful party time. Our characters are enjoying a few drinks, some billiards and some R & B music. Relax and watch our funny video while our characters let their freak, flags, fly! 32 palabras más

Vanity thought #1722. God learns about himself

In the third episode of “The story of God with Morgan Freeman” the actor, who played God himself on a couple of occasions, sets out to discover who God really is. 1.235 palabras más


Vanity thought #1721. God learns about apocalypse.

Apocalypse is a big issue for Christians so it’s understandable why a show about God would cover the topic of the end of the world as well. 1.390 palabras más


See an Advanced Screening of Now You See Me 2 in Boston June 7

Boston movie fans, want to see Now You See Me 2 before everyone else? Of course you do and The Nerds Templar are here to hook you up! 223 palabras más

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