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Sempat heboh beberapa tahun lalu kasus penipuan agen haji First Travel yang merugikan ribuan Jemaah haji. Jeihan Angga selaku sutradara dan penulis ingin memberikan sudut pandang korban penipuan haji lewat sajian komedi absurdnya. 495 palabras más

Movie Review

First Time Watching: Groundhog Day

I am taking a break from science fiction films. I would say it was an amicable split, but they’ve been haunting my dreams. There was one where a crocodile was chasing me, so I jumped a fence, but then it turned into a dinosaur and knocked over the fence like a domino. 1.429 palabras más


Movie Death Match: Abre Los Ojos vs. Vanilla Sky

It’s an age-old process that often falls flat on its face: The Remake. It’s the embodiment of current Hollywood creativity. Instead of attempting something new, the accountants that run studios nowadays would much rather re-release something that was once great. 579 palabras más


Shakuntala Devi- An incoherent retelling of a Fiesty Woman and her astounding Legacy

“Nobody challenges me, I challenge myself”- Shakuntala Devi

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If you were someone born in the 70’s/80’s and prepared for any of the tests like NTSE, Math Olympiad, or a CAT aspirant, you would have surely flipped through one of Shakuntala Devi’s math books. 1.426 palabras más


Hot Rod (2007)

Self-proclaimed stuntman Rod Kimble is preparing for the jump of his life – to clear fifteen buses to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank’s life-saving heart operation. 96 palabras más

Annabelle: Creation Was Terrifying

Film: Annabelle: Creation
Directed By: David F. Sandberg

Starring: Talitha Bateman, Lulu Wilson, Stephanie Sigman, Miranda Otto, and  Anthony LaPaglia.

Key Details: 2017, Supernatural Thriller. Is set up as a prequel to 2014’s… 309 palabras más

REVIEW: 'Summerland' slumps after strong start, but still good overall

Being the guardian of a child seems like enough work as it is. This movie throws a world war into the mix, too, so no wonder the main character is stressed. 588 palabras más