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Last night, I saw the Christopher Nolan directed “Dunkirk” at my local movie theater.  To say the least, I thought that the movie was incredible.  The movie was filmed in France, The Netherlands, England, and Los Angeles, lending to the authentic feel.   474 palabras más

Movie Review

Movie Reviews: Dunkirk

There’s not been much in the way of posting recently, and that’s mostly my fault, so here’s a rambling review of Dunkirk.

Heavy spoilers for the film, beyond the obvious “The British army is saved and the Nazis eventually lose the war” type of spoiler. 1.075 palabras más


Persistence of Time: A Review of Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk begins an existential nightmare and ends as nihilistic commentary on time and fate. But really, what war film doesn’t? And what could Nolan’s… 603 palabras más


Next James Bond Movie Sets 2019 Release Date

Daniel Craig is not included in the announcement for the Nov. 8, 2019 film.

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Geno Scala

Mike's Top Ten of 1948

1948 might be my favorite year of the 40s. Just because the top ten list feels like a complete list of ten that I out and out love. 4.184 palabras más


my out-of-body writing experience

Ok, I confess to the charge of clickbait once again.  I didn’t have a true out-of-body experience.  But a weird thing did happen to me last Friday while I was writing.   742 palabras más



Director – Christopher Nolan

Last Looks

One of the greatest and my personal favorite directors, Christopher Nolan has officially revealed his latest work Dunkirk. Nolan is a cinematic genius with his  brilliant imagery and storytelling.  783 palabras más