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The Plague (La Peste) - BBC 4 (Movistar +)

Lots of love to everyone in Spain, where this series is set, at this difficult time; and I’m sure everyone’s thoughts are with Pep Guardiola following the sad loss of his mother to Covid-19, and also with Boris Johnson and everyone else suffering because of this horrible virus.  904 palabras más


VeloVoices Podcast 154: Vamos... venga... oh *$%@! - Movistar and more

Ignoring all invites to Zoom parties and family quizzes, Kathi, Midge, Luke and Euan gather round the table to discuss the latest in the cycling world. 68 palabras más


SCURT/2: NETFLIX lanseaza un documentar despre MOVISTAR; Belgia a decis incheierea campionatului de fotbal; repet propunerea pentru campionatul nostru

* Acum, cand multi dintre noi stam in casa cu ochii pe televizor, dar nu vedem nicio competitie sportiva, iata ca am pentru iubitorii ciclismului, cei mai vitregiti, o veste in compensatie: NETFLIX a lansat un documentar despre echipa spaniola Movistar, cu 6 episoade, in fiecare relatandu-se momente importante din viata acestei redutabile echipe. 708 palabras más

Movistar, Valverde, and the great de-clutter

Team Movistar, it seems, have fallen under the spell of minimalist guru and ‘organising consultant’ Marie Kondo, the uber-influential Japanese goddess of de-clutter.

Her method can be summarised thus: gather your possessions together by category; keep only those that spark joy; ditch the rest. 489 palabras más


VeloVoices Awards 2019: Rivalry of the Year

Some rivalries are friendly – two riders who get the best out of each other on the road and are happy to share a beer afterwards. 945 palabras más


Tigo Nicaragua & Movistar Nicaragua

Les comparto un video que nació de unos comentarios y preguntas que se generaron en el video de Claro Nicaragua vs Tigo Nicaragua que hice hace unos meses. 54 palabras más