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Can wait to see these guys shine across the world, they are so awesome and I am really digging’ them right now, I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIER ALBUM JULY  10! 522 palabras más


When Two Media Giants Collide - developing story

As published in Ada Derena, May 21,2015
Largest ‘media extortion’ – why the sudden change?

It has come to notice that a certain media agency, in which it once severely criticised a major China based project in Sri Lanka, has stopped its ‘hate campaign’ and instead started to promote it. 411 palabras más

Sri Lanka

Anand Bhatt out in Japan アルバムを購入!

The new album is being rocked IN JAPAN! Have YOU heard it yet?

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Scream, The TV Series

Looks like the Ghostface Killer will be joining Hannibal Lecter and Norman Bates in June, when MTV premieres a new TV series based on the… 117 palabras más

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