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'Rats' Editor/Composer Brought Smart Cuts, Creepy Music to Morgan Spurlock's Doc

To create “Rats,” his ode to the ubiquitous rodent, director Morgan Spurlock combined horror and documentary filmmaking.

One of his first moves was to contact Emmy-winning editor and composer Pierre Takal, with whom he had previously worked on “Morgan Spurlock Inside Man,” to help nail down the feel of the educational thriller. 361 palabras más


Martin Garrix Talks Bieber & A Potential New Side Project In MTV Interview

Martin Garrix Talks Bieber & A Potential New Side Project In

MTV Interview

Martin Garrix recently sat down with MTV for an interview about the current state of his musical career. 139 palabras más


Young actor cast in MTV soapie Shuga

Tshiamo Molobi is only 12 years old, but already he is set to gain a worldwide audience for his talents.

The actor and television presenter is due to feature in MTV Base’s edutainment soapie Shuga. 200 palabras más


The Real World: Cancun – Season Recap

There’s something even worse than Johnny Bananas, even worse than Davis vs Tyrie, and even worse than Joey’s alcoholic turmoil! I GIVE YOU… THE REAL WORLD: CANCUN!


‘The Real World Bad Blood’ Episode 9: Blood Cousins

A few weeks ago I was just talking about how everyone in The Real World house was coupled up. Mike and Jordan. Peter and Anna but then Peter and Jenn. 1.101 palabras más


MTV Proved Pregnancy Does Not Make Your Grown

After rich kids in Orange County and the internet, MTV started to take a dive. Not all good things last can last though, right? Soon enough we were introduced to a show about pregnant teenagers. 269 palabras más


MTV 'Stick' Animation - The Seasons

These are screenshots taken from my final MTV animations. I decided to use the seasons as a backdrop to overlay my ‘stick’ animation onto. I have used the idea of seasons quite loosely though, with the autumn one being more halloween-ey and the new year one being a mash up to include snapchat. 54 palabras más