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May 19 - Peter Gabriel Was 'So' In The Bigtime!

So, one of the best albums of the decade came out this day in 1986. Peter Gabriel’s 5th album, So, was his big breakthrough (and for most of the world, the first album of his to have a title!). 191 palabras más

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Happy tbt y’all.

It is technically Friday, but this stroll down memory lane couldn’t wait a whole week.

Not quite sure why this came to mind today, but does anyone else remember some of those extremely random shows that used to be on MTV? 595 palabras más


#Catfish,The TV Show, Has Been Temporarily Paused Do To The #METOO Movement.

#Catfish, The TV Show, has been temporarily halted after#AyisshaMorgan made accusations against #NevSchulman in two videos posted to YouTube. 


Morgan, who appeared on episode 17 of season four in 2015, used the alias ‘Jack’ when she referred to ‘the “main guy” on the show,’ which is believed to be Schulman. 138 palabras más

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MTV Pauses Production of 'Catfish' Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

MTV has paused production on the television show Catfish following allegations of sexual harassment against executive producer and co-host Yaniv “Nev” Schulman, according to The Daily Beast… 414 palabras más


MTV suspends Catfish amid sexual misconduct allegations against Nev Schulman

MTV have suspended production on Catfish following allegations of sexual misconduct against host Nev Schulman.

Allegations against the 33-year-old host emerged earlier this week, after a woman who appeared on the show back in 2015 posted two YouTube… 211 palabras más


MTV Has Halted 'Catfish' Production Amid Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Host Nev Schulman

MTV Catfish host Nev Schulman, who once came under fire for criticizing Ray Rice with an elevator selfie (declaring the closed space to be “abuse free”), is now the subject of sexual misconduct allegations. 186 palabras más