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Scream: The Series Drinking Game

Getting through a horror TV show like Scream: The Series is already tough as it is, here’s a drinking game that might help you make it through the show. 105 palabras más

'Scream' TV Series: What Time & Channel Is Season 2 Premiere?

Scream enters season 2 tonight with a big premiere. This season, the show is supposed to be more psychological and several unanswered questions will be resolved as well. 151 palabras más


Feeling the 80's

Good morning!

Today, I woke up with A-ha’s ‘Take on Me’ stuck in my head and decided to write about how much I love the 80’s. 133 palabras más

DANCE OFF by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis opens with ... Idris Elba!

Does it get any better than Idris Elba?

No. No, it does no.

This is another solid music video by Macklemore, who’s smart for (a) giving Ryan Lewis co-billing, (b) constantly trying new things with music videos and (c) now experimenting with a different kind of tour. 163 palabras más

2 Music Video Monday

The Jersey Stigma

What is it about them that makes you think they are so bad? Is it their propensity for being bad drivers? Is it because their Summer crowd down south made the wrong kind of splash into reality television infamy? 341 palabras más