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Do Egyptians Regret Hosni Mubarak Today?

It was great pleasure to join a group of Egypt’s expert  and provide an answer to the above question as posed by Diwan blog, the Middle East insight from Carnegie. 161 palabras más


Why Gazan's Troppled Mubarak's Wall Late Jan 2008???

Finally Anis Naqash revealed the secret  behind  breaking Gaza Wall Mubarak’s Egypt

The goal was not to break the siege to get their needs from the other side… 934 palabras más


Hijacked Egyptian Revolution’s 7th Anniversary

Egyptian Revolution’s 7th Anniversary

Designed by: Nour Fakih


مرشد الإخوان محمد بديع مع آن بيترسون سفيرة واشنطن في القاهرة


On Barakah 

Ibn al-Qayyim mentions in his book al-Dā’i wa’l-Dawā’ that from the punishments of sinning is that it wipes out the barakah in your life.

A good and successful life is not measured by the years you’ve lived or the vastness of your wealth rather it’s measured by the amount of barakah you have. 211 palabras más


Tenu Charheya Saal...

Tenu Charheya Saal Mubarak

Sanu Sada Haal Mubarak…


The Day of Ghadeer

I humbly apologise for the delay in the launch of this poem, since I wished to spend more time on this poem due to the immense magnificence of this occasion. 246 palabras más

This Week in Egypt - Week 36-2017 ( Sept 4-10)

Top Headlines

  • Bright Star’ military drills kick off between Egypt and US
  • HRW condemns Egypt ‘assembly line of torture’, government denies allegations
  • Egypt blocks HRW site after torture report is released…
  • 862 palabras más