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Codename Homer Relapse

Unfortunately for Homer Simpson he has been committed, again, he really should stop wearing that pink shirt! This time he has come to life in 7″ MUNNY format and I am really happy with how this guy has come together. 44 palabras más


Japanese Themed Munny

I was tasked with decorating a Munny vinyl figure with Japan as the theme so I researched places and traditions in Japan in the form of pictures to get my head into the theme I was tasked with portraying. 106 palabras más

Creative & Digital

Codename Homer Kidrobot MUNNY

Hey guys! Been a little while since I dropped a new custom toy but today I have finished a little something I have wanted to make for a while, his name is Codename Homer! 108 palabras más


Munny Bear

Munny Bear was actually the quickest design I made out of all The Bear Cave so far ! I was selling art on Sproul the day before Thanksgiving break 2017, looking at pictures of Pooh Bear and I found a picture that immediately sparked this idea in me! 43 palabras más

UC Berkeley

The Funny side of Munny – yes there is one!

“Do you want to make money from Facebook? It’s simple. Just go to your computer, turn it off – and go to work!” This is just one of the many jokes that you’ll find online about making cash. 150 palabras más