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Three Second Memory

I love me some Goldfish. We have a bit of a collection of their music videos going on here at the crow’s nest. Bopping, fun dance tunes, and a chance to peer into the wild world of Goldfish. 9 palabras más


Snowy Egrets with Flamenco Guitar

Video clips of  pair of Snowy Egrets in the clearwater ditch with flamenco guitar accompaniment. I am playing the Tientos for this video.


LANY Malibu Nights Tour Review

Paul Jason Klein of LANY BTS for Malibu Nights by an unknown photographer.

Lany is a three-piece indie pop band from Los Angeles, California, consisting of Paul Jason Klein, Jake Clifford Goss and Charles Leslie “Les” Priest. 824 palabras más


Saturday Night Serenade--A Song and a Movie

To say Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen is a great song is to be simply redundant. Taken as a whole, their body of work is sublime, with stand-out nuggets like… 387 palabras más

Date Night

Sunday Music & Hope & Lars Jansson Trio

The Lars Jansson trio, from the album Hope (1999).

Lars Jansson (piano), Lars Danielsson (bass), Anders Kjellberg (drums).


#Weekend Music Share Bon Jovi

Welcome back to Weekend Music Share; the place where everyone can share their favourite music.

Feel free to use the ‘Weekend Music Share‘ banner in your post, and don’t forget to use the hashtag  77 palabras más


OMG Another Blog Post

This category is reserved for helping others find inspiration through sharing techniques that help people write.