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Living the Lyrics Is Best for Music Lovers

Have you ever recommended sheet music to any music lover? Well, the sheet music is mostly offered as enjoyable music to work with. Music listed generally falls in the easy to intermediate level. 303 palabras más


Mind Field Monday

Evanescence is one of my all-time favorite groups.

On this Monday, this is definitely a … dedication song

(The hubby and I are fine, this is not his song!) 20 palabras más


I Love Music: The Destiny’s Child Edition.

I was filled with nostalgia recently when I watched Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams perform as Destiny’s Child at the Coachella music festival. I smiled, I sang along, I danced to their music. 211 palabras más


Album review: Sonder - Tesseract

I feel as though the metal world has been truly blessed with some excellent albums already this year: Alters of Grief, Rivers of Nihil… 331 palabras más


GIRLS NAMES - " Stains On Silence "

Girls Names release their new album, Stains on Silence, on 15th June. The album is available on several different vinyl formats, with two different front covers: 498 palabras más


180 Days: Day 127--Arguments, Take 2

My sophomores took another stab at writing arguments today. And this time they had a claim and evidence provided for them. All they had to do was write the counterargument. 197 palabras más