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When I hear Zan Rowe on ABC’s Triple J radio, I often wish she was one of my friends. She seems fun, down to earth, knowledgeable and could get you free tickets to the best gigs. 98 palabras más


Donald Glover is the renaissance man of entertainment

At the 2017 Golden Globe awards there were five shows nominated to win Best Comedy or Musical TV Series. They were Veep, Black-ish, … 562 palabras más

Caught in the undertow

Tragically a major part of our adolescence has been lost in the echo with the untimely demise of the artist who acted as the catalyst… 196 palabras más


SZA releases Debut Album “Ctrl”

In the classic days of hip-hop, rappers would often feature vocals from a “round-the way girl’ in their songs. These women are from the neighbourhood, real women who add raw soul in the background, never overpowering the masculinity of the rapper on the track, and often remain nameless in the credit. 408 palabras más

Love, light to Chester Bennington and his family, Linkin Park

This morning I woke up to news that lead singer Chester had taken his life, from a friend who was still holidaying in Scotland. And it was disheartening, because it hit home, and the news of his passing mirrored Soundgarden’s lead singer Chris Cornell’s death. 282 palabras más



The kitten

Wiggled his bottom

Ready to pounce.

“Not now,”

“I’m in the middle of a blessing.”

Her paws resting gently on the violin case… 14 palabras más


What the hell Chester?

Such a shame.

“Linkin’ Park”’s vocalist Chester Bennington is found hanging in his LA estate on July 20th, 2017. Leaving behind his wife, friends, and his 6 children. 354 palabras más